Darren Hoffman, of Whyalla Basketball, sits down with Mike Osborne to talk about Whyalla Basketball and his role in basketball in Whyalla:

Mike Osborne contacted me recently about being part of a Basketball project that he was passionate about getting off the ground.

Mike Osborne lived in Whyalla for 4 years in the 70's.  He was a WBA A grade MVP in that time but more importantly he was an inspirational and visionary coach who changed the direction of Whyalla basketball at that time. In the late 70's he relocated to Adelaide where he Started Proball, Adelaide's premier Basketball shop that still exists today.  In 1982 the Adelaide 36ers were born as the Adelaide City Eagles, Mike Osborne was appointed as their inaugural team coach.  I first met Mike recently when he returned to Whyalla as part of a visit to Help develop our WBA website.

Mike's current passion is creating an online diary of Basketball in Australia.  Mike's intention is to have Online video conversations with passionate basketball people throughout regional Australia.  The underlying quest is to find what motivates people in their passion for basketball , what the attraction is for the sport for each individual, etc.  After seeing what we had done in our stadium with our MVP's "Balls on the wall", Memorabilia cabinet and Canteen area he wanted to start this project with "ME".

Please note this is the first in hundreds of interviews he plans to do.  It went too long and the audio is not the best, something he plans to improve on.  I apologize in advance for any people I may have missed or detail I have got wrong, it was the pressure of being in front of the camera!

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