The new tablet scoring system is a big hit with most people. So much so that we have people volunteering to score. Often these people are children. Often these children are not treating this role with the respect it requires!!
We have evidence of playing/tinkering with scores and fouls during games, anybody can see this thanks to the play by play feature on the results website. The tablets are not toys.
The score-sheet/tablet is the official document that records the game, if a child makes a mistake while using it that mistake stands, not the scoreboard. For this reason the WBA has a bylaw that says all scorers must be at least 12 y.o.

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In this short 12 week winter season competition there were many grades not playing an equal number of games . The WBA understand that members pay their money with the expectation of playing as many games as possible in a fair competition. With this in mind the WBA have scheduled makeup games for all those teams that were left short of a game. These will be played on a Sat night on the 30th June. We felt this is better option than rescheduling for the school holidays when many people are away.
Please let us know ASAP if your team can't make this game.
The 1st draft finals schedule has also been released to clubs fro comment Semi's 6th - 8th Aug, GF's 9th-10th Aug.


Whyalla Basketball Association AGM, Sunday 3rd June at the stadium 7.00pm. Positions declared vacant Vice President and Treasurer.

All members welcome and encouraged to attend.

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We are coming into a horrible time regarding scheduling / fixtures.
- This week is SAPSASA with lots of kids away affecting the U12 and U14 comps.
- Next week is the long weekend with the state champs in many junior sports being held which is going to impact heavily on Friday night games.
- Monday of the long weekend we have games scheduled which will or won't work depending on who makes State champ netball finals on that Monday.
Remember if your team needs to forfeit do so ASAP to avoid a fine. Forfeits must be notified by lunch time of the day the game is scheduled to allow us to notify rearrange and cancel officials.

160709 Army Challenge 5

Attention parents/caregivers of players born in 2008 and 2009.

Jenna Edwards and Ruth Rowlands will be running skill based development training every other Sunday over winter.

These trainings are open to any players WHO ARE INTENDING TO TRIAL for Steelers in Summer & are born in 2008 & 2009.
1st session 11-12pm this Sunday at the stadium please bring a BALL!!.

If you have any questions please inbox Ruth Rowlands on face book or respond to this email


Juniors U14 and below clock doesn’t stop for anything other than injury timeouts. No timeouts are permitted in the last 2 minutes of any 1/4, no substitutions are permitted in the last minute of any 1/4, both are deemed as time wasting.
U16’s and above clock stops for time outs and all whistles in the last 2 mins of the game.
1/4 and 3/4 time is 1 minute half time is 2 minutes.
Timeouts are 1 min.
Our games routinely run late as scorers and refs don't adhere to these timing conditions. Our score bench Timing Consoles have a button on the bottom row called timeout start and stop. When this is pressed a visual 60 sec count down is started. An audible beep will alert the refs that it is time to restart. This feature can also be used to keep 1/4 and 3/4 time breaks on track!!!

We have switched the bench assignments on crt 3 to match the other crts and the new tablet. Trust me this is a clever change that will make complete sense next time you go to score on this crt.

Tablets were used in anger for the 1st time this week to score a whole nights play. Besides a few minor hiccups all went really well. It will take the rest of the season to work thru the inevitable issues.

Games are running late at the moment due to the implementation of the tablet technology.
A culture change needs to occur: Coaches, Scorers and Referee's are used to walking up to the bench 10 secs before the game starts. Due to the requirement to check in all players before the game starts (which has always been the rule we just never did it) that can't happen anymore.
The scoring process now starts 5 mins before the game starts!!

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-The tablets are showing many players as unregistered even though they are registered. Ignore this and just soldier on until we can work out why it is doing that.

-The Tablet game clock is to be run in parallel with the actual game clock however it has no "official" role in the game.
IMPORTANT: Always ensure the tablet clock runs at least 10 secs behind the game clock. This helps to ensure actions that occur late in the ¼ are logged correctly, eg if the tablet clock expires and you enter a foul that foul will be booked to the next ¼.

-You can start a game via the tablet in less than 30 secs!!!   Manually adding fill-in players to teams Pregame is what takes time.
Clubs are asked to consider adding all potential fill in players to team lists senior and junior for each team to allow then to be checked in quickly and easily.

-Incorrect uniform numbers also delays the start of game. If you know your uniform number is wrong each week on the score sheet email your club and let them know so they can amend this in the Database.

-Players that turn up late are asked to “verbally check in” thru the score bench to give scorers a chance to add them.

Thank you to everyone for being patient and helping out.


This season after we failed to get up an U8Girls competition the decision was made to mix this grade. Its early days but that seems to be working well.
Coaches and Parents are reminded that the U8 competition is a modified competition, its fundamentally purely development, fun, non competitive and participation focused.We deliberately don’t publish scores or ladders for this competition as they are irrelevant!!
Examples of what I am talking about are teams playing Statues in Defence to let 1st time players score their 1st goal, lending players to the other team to stop forfeits (there should never be a forfeit in U8’s), switching players around between teams to make the game more even, etc
In U8’s this season we have a number of teams struggling to make the 5:45 start due to clashes with Soccer. We want these kids to play so rather than remove these teams the WBA have pushed back the Tuesday night game start times to 5:50pm.
The playing time will still be 4 x 10min ¼’s. We will just ask the umpires to ensure we keep these games on time 1min ¼ time breaks 2 min ½ time breaks.
This change will commence from rnd 3.

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As the WBA transition to online Sports TG Scoring we will rely on our officials to be up to speed with this technology to help scorers learn this new system.

We have purchased 1 Tablet already which has been used successfully on a number of games.  2 more tablets will arrive next week. 

They will be colour coded with a protective rubber case, configured for use on a specific crt with a simple crt password.

Each tablet will locked to the courtside app to prevent tampering by Geeks on the scorebench.

The tablets last for 6-10 hrs so must be charged each night  but will not need to be powered up while on the bench

They are to be left on the score bench and returned by the umpires at the end of the night by the referee.

Below are 5 very short 1-2min instructional videos to teach people how to use the Courtside tablet scoring system Sports TG system


Part 1 - Launch and Setup                   

Part 2 - Add a New Player or Coach

Part 3 - Assign Scores, Fouls & Timeout

Part 4 - Editing Actions                     

Part 5 - Referee Actions                      

We are still working out how this system works with respect to officials.  One thing we do know is the system require all referee’s to be registered in Sports TG, so that you can be assigned your own “Umpire code”

There is no cost to this!!  Simply log into sports TG using your existing club profile and select referee rather than player when that option is presented to you.

Back in February our floor scrubber terminally blew up. Thus the floors have not been properly cleaned for nearly 4 months. We have finally secured a new battery powered self propelled scrubber at substantial unplanned cost. It will hopefully be here early this week.

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1 day to go
Winter season Basketball starts tomorrow kicking off a 12 week season that doesn't play in the winter school holidays and finishes before the Whyalla show avoiding end of season Netball/Football /Hockey.
There have numerous scheduling head aches/forced late changes for us which we are still working thru. PLEASE check the schedule prior to your game. But for now please don't look past week 2 as there is still some manually grade manipulation to be done.

We want you

Tonight is the last rnd of the Senior Mixed social basketball comp ran be Paul Issom in the season break
Congratulations to him for organizing this I believe most have had fun and enjoyed this concept. Their will be a trophy presentation after the last game.
The bar will be open tonight after the matches for any one interested in sticking around for a drink or maybe some pizza and watch the footy.

Mixed social teams of 2018