After many hrs of arguing and moving teams back and forth the 1st month of of 2017/18 Summer season has finally been released.

After the 1st week or 2 of the season, once all teams are confirmed and settled we will publish the rest of the schedule in full.  Clubs have been told that we will not be changing the schedule at a drop of the hat after negative feedback about doing that last season.  Any necessary changes will only occur with direct to both all parties involved.

It is a very tight schedule which is good for the WBA as it means we are fully utilizing our facilities but it does make it hard to fit in all our teams.

We have listened to our members and avoided grades being split over different nights.  The only exception at this stage is U11B which we can't fit into Friday so that is spilling over to the occasional Saturday game. Not splitting nights of play does means teams on Tues & Wed are getting more 9:30games when there is a spare slot on Thurs at 8:30 but that is what people said they would prefer.  We will continue to review this situation.

There are unfortunately a few merged grades this season.  Under 9B's and U11B's will be monitored and reviewed at rd 5.  As will U17B's who for the 1st time in along time have 8 teams  which may allow us to split to Div A and B at mid season.

Please check the schedule hopefully we haven't missed anybody.

Good luck to all teams