Players and umpires are reminded if a serious injury occurs in a game it must be recorded on the scoresheet. If it's not, that player will be unable to make an insurance claim at a later date if required.

Broken arms and legs

Late Saturday night the Army approached us regarding having a sleepover on Sunday night.

They have packed up all their tents and have asked for 200-300 soldiers to sleep on crt 2 and 3 tonight so they can be shipped out starting at 2am in the morning.

This means any teams intending to train tonight should probably take advantage of the school holidays and have a night off!!!

Army Sleep over

FastFoodWith extra troops back in town our poor volunteer canteen staff have been pummeled by a barrage of hungry diggers.

It was chaos out there tonight.

Jo, Audrey, Leanne, Tamra, Fiona, Jeff, etc are doing an amazing job but too few are sharing this load!

If you can spare a night this week please come out and help, particularly from 5-8pm.

We plan to provide meals for the guys even though there are no games on in the holidays. Thanks.


Most of the troops are heading back into the Jubilee park camp. They are packing up and heading out of town over the next few weeks.

I took these pics from the Stadium roof tonight showing some of the hardware around Jubilee park at the moment.

P7115580 P7115585

P7115590 P7115601


Noah Hallam

WBA chose to donate half of Saturday nights Gate takings to 22 month old Noah Hallam.

Noah was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis at the age of 5 months.  This means his skull had fused prematurely leaving nowhere for his brain to grow.  At just 7 months he underwent the first of many Brain surgeries with more still to come.

Noah has 13 specialists working for him, his parents Steve and Bree travel monthly to Adelaide to get the treatment he needs.

 The Hallam family has been in an around basketball for 20 years it was our pleasure to help them out.  

The below response is from Noah's mum ,Bree Hallam.

What great night it was last night watching the Civilian vs Army playing Basketball at Jubilee Park. We had many laughs and was a great family night watching steven play against the army players.
What a surprise it was to hear our names called out to approach centre court before the main game. A bigger (and emotional) surprise to find out Noah was being presented with a portion of the money raised, to assist with ongoing costs snd trips to Adeliade for treatment. I would really like to Thank Jason MacDonald and Kirsty MacDonald for approaching Darren Hoffmann and nominating us to receive this.
We can't thank the Basketball community Whyalla Basketball Association, the Australian Army and also the public enough for this donation. As you can tell by us getting emotional these sort of gestures make a huge difference to us!
Would also like to say a huge Thank you to Corporal Ian who gave my son Beau one of his Australia Army patch. Also to the other lovely gentleman whose name we didn't catch for approaching us after the game and gave Noah one of his patches off of his arm. Thank you very much. If anyone knows this gentleman please show him this photo.
(RSM 7th Combat Signal Regiment, WO1 Peter Quinn is the soldier in the photo)
People say, wouldn't we be better moving to Adelaide, but Whyalla is our home and family. This just goes to re-enforce our belief in this.

feeling grateful with Steven Hallam.

Bo Hallam

Beau Hallam getting onto the spirit of things with some help from the Army.



Army Vs Civilian Challenge II - Went off with a bang again last night. A huge crowd created a great atmosphere for a night of fun for the whole family.

 160709 Army Challenge 5

160709 Army Challenge 3

160709 Army Challenge 4



Kai Edwards won the kids Dress up challenge which was a great laugh.

160709 Army Challenge 7

160709 Army Challenge 8

160709 Army Challenge 9

The army came from behind to win the Fitness challenge by a nose over the Whyalla Football League team but all 6 teams put in a great effort.

160709 Army Challenge 10


160709 Army Challenge 11

The half way shot shootout is always a winner.


160709 Army Challenge 13

Grant colyer played a strong game for Whyalla as Did Sean Sheedy. Actually the whole bench contributed. Whyalla held on to win the main game by 5pts after the Army missed a couple of important shorts in the dieing seconds.


160709 Army Challenge 12

160709 Army Challenge 15

Thank you to Major Jim Boubouras and the Army for making this a success once again and to the Whyalla Community for supporting these events.

Check out our facebook page for more grerat photo's.

With the army starting to move out of town this week this will be the last of our these Army Challenge nights.

Steelers AGM

We met with the Army bosses today to confirm we are all on track for Saturdays event.
The army will assist us in a combat dress up race for the kids at 1/4 time. We also confirmed a Fitness, shuttle run, relay challenge for half time of the main game.
The Army will supply 3 teams of 4 soldiers from different regiments, they don't all like each other so this promises to increase the competitive spirit. We have challenged the WBA, WFL and the WNA to each supply 4 of there best athletes to compete against the army to determine who is the fittest.
The fun starts Saturday night at 6:45 at the Jubilee Park Stadium.

160709 Army Challenge 9

160709 Army Challenge 12  On the back of the overwhelming success of last Saturday’s Army vs Civilian challenge the Army say they want another go this weekend. The other regiments have heard and want a shot at the title!

It will again be used as a fundraiser, gold coin donation at the door.

They have confirmed 3 teams for the event. And thus need 3 opponent Teams. Our 3 remaining WBA clubs Demons, Sharks and Roopena will be offered the opportunity to have a crack at the army this Saturday night.

Our previous format was very successful so we plan to go with that again. Play 3 local club teams against 3 armed forces teams on all 3 crts in a quick fire round robin tournament! Games will be quick 10 min halves. Run on run off subs as per football. Most teams fielded at least 10-15 per side.
In these minor round games clubs can use what ever players they like.

Crt 1 - Army 1 V Roopena
Crt 2 - Army 2 V Demons
Crt 3 - Army 3 V Sharks

Crt 1 - Army 2 V Roopena
Crt 2 - Army 3 V Demons
Crt 3 - Army 1 V Sharks

Crt 1 - Army 3 V Roopena
Crt 2 - Army 1 V Demons
Crt 3 - Army 2 V Sharks

20:00 - Main Event
Best of the Armed Forces Vs Allstar local team from the teams competing that night.
4 x 10 minute quarters with some lighthearted entertainment between each quarter.
Possibly a fitness relay challenge between different regiments vs Whyalla bball and Whyalla emergency services who would like to get involved.
We are also planning a kids dress up race with army support. + Much more fun and games.

It was a great night last time.
Tell your friends, see you all there.
Canteen bar will be open all night.

Awesome night of entertainment at the stadium last night.

Grand final type atmosphere but betterdue to the amazing response from the local comunity to this charity event.

Whyalla local teams Titans, Bevan and Wildcats dominated the minor round games. But the army with strength of numbers were able to pool their talent for the final game to make a class team, that was too good for the locals in the end. Whyalla looked to be to be comfortably in control for 90% of the game before the Army boys made their late run gaining a 2 pt lead with just 6 secs on the clock. Local Star Chad McLean missed a 3 pointer to win the game for Whyalla on the buzzer, it was an unexpected enthralling climax to what was a fun night for all. final score Army 42pts - Whyalla 40pts.

Army also won our Push up challenge at 1/4 time, Aaron(from the Army) pumping out an impressive 47 pushups in 30 secs. Credit goes to Dustyn Medwin for taking on the challenge with a respectable 35 push ups. Probably 30 more than I would have managed.

The upset of the night was the army Vs Civilian Tug of War Challenge. Benny Hansford and Jakyn Turpin-Burns digging deep to help the locals to beat the highly fancied and drilled Army Boys.
Over $800 dollars was raised at the door this will be shared between our chosen Charities Royal Flying Doctors and Cancer Council of SA.

The WBA once again thank the Armed forces for their Patronage during their stay and for making this event a success.
Next weekend there are different battalions in town which have challenged our remaining 3 clubs Demons, Roopena & Sharks to a similar format event. Hopefully this will again be well supported.

Stay tuned for details on that!

I met with the Army tonight and they are completely overwhelmed by the Whyalla community support. They are also very worried that we are going to embarrass them!! They explained that they are predominantly from a rugby and football back ground and very few of them are basketball orientated. But they all for supporting this event as a fun charity raiser gold coin donation at the door. They have confirmed 23 teams for the event.

Proposed Format:
Play 3 local club teams against 3 armed forces teams on all 3 crts in a quick fire round robin tournament to sort out who can and can't play!  Games will be quick 10 min halves. Clock doesn't stop
Local teams will be mixed with players from many different abilities and genders. the other 3 WBA clubs will have a crack at the army at our next event.

18:45, That's army time for you civilians!!
Crt 1 - Army 1 V Wildcats
Crt 2 - Army 2 V Bevan
Crt 3 - Army 3 V Titans

Crt 1 - Army 2 V Wildcats
Crt 2 - Army 3 V Bevan
Crt 3 - Army 1 V Titans

Crt 1 - Army 3 V Wildcats
Crt 2 - Army 1 V Bevan
Crt 3 - Army 2 V Titans

20:00 - Main Event
Best of the Armed Forces Vs One of our local teams or a mixture aof all three
4 x 10 minute quarters with some lighthearted entertainment between each quarter. Should be all done by 21:00

Canteen and bar will be open all night.

See you all there.



The army have set a challenge for Whyalla's Basketballers!!!!!  They have proposed a series of Army Vs Civilians senior men's matches starting this Saturday at 6:30pm. This is all happening at extremely late notice and is hard to plan as the troops are coming and going from camp making it difficult for them to get a stable group together. Their intention is for this to be a social match for fun. They don't pretend to be A Grade level basketballers (we may end up mixing the squads to make teams even).

Entry would be free or possibly gold coin donation at the door to go to a mutually agreed charity (Still in concept stage at the moment). If this is a success they would like to do this every Saturday for the weeks that they are here.

As the army don't have uniforms, the girls have suggested they may have to go "skins".

At this stage we are looking for senior men or women of any level or U17's that would like to be involved. Hmmm maybe we could do this as club teams rather than as a Whyalla team. So how we go for numbers first, from us and them, we may be able to get all 3 crts going or play a couple rounds just on crt one. Please inbox me if you are interested in playing or helping out to organise this.

We want you



Congratulations to Leendert (Lenny) Payne for accepting the position of WBA Treasurer's at tonight's AGM.

Money bag

Due to a special request around unavailability given nearly 2 months in advance the WBA has agreed to move the U15G GF from Thurs to Frid at an earlier than usual time. This change doesn't effect the Senior finals already scheduled for Friday night.

This change allows us to bring forward the U17G final on Thurs night.