5 days ago Pat Kemp published the 1st 3 weeks of the schedule to the website.  Since then there has been a few issues/complaints/recomendations with the schedule and just today a MA grade team has withdrawn.  Hence has been re released to the website today.  Hopefully we don't have too implement too many more changes.

Our biggest issue at this stage is we have lost alot of referee's in the last few months for many different reasons and we will be struggling to fill games. If you can help please let the WBA know.

Summer Season

1st Draft Schedule
Key points at this stage MAR/MB are combined.
WE and WF had too many teams so we have split them over 3 grades WE WF and WG.
Teams that registered WG have now become WH.
U11B comp to be reviewed and split as soon as possible.
Under 111GB moved to Saturday due to no space during the week.
U9G to be reviewed for a possible split mid season.
WA comp still up in the air as only 3 teams registered.



New floor, New roof, New air-conditioning, New Lights, New floor sealing. Life is good at the WBA

Crt 1 Resealed

Check out the Gallery tab for all the 2016 WBA GF team photo's.


Stadium floors are being resealed next week the stadium will be off limits to all users from Sunday 28th Aug to next Sunday the 4th sept.

The floors have been very slippery lately that is sign that they are due for their annual reseal.


It may still be Winter, but most Clubs are busy signing players for the up coming Summer season that is due to start in mid Oct.  That may be 8 weeks away but Team nominations are due in to the WBA in just 3 weeks.  Clubs need players to register ASAP so that they can start planning. 

Summer Season

Follow this link to view the complete list of Umpire votes for the Winter 2016 Season.

Winter 2016 MVP's

Please note that MAR,  MB, MC and MD votes are not correct in this listing as we split this grade mid season.


Finals cursive

Due to the Whyalla show taking over the stadium on Saturday morning all GF's will be played this Thursday & Friday night.
There are some great games predicated in almost every grade. It promises to be a great couple of nights of entertainment.
Due to player availability there have been a couple last minute game changes. Namely the MD and WD both will now played on thursday night at 7:30 and 8:30 respectively.
After 10:30 pm tonight when the WF 2nd SF finishes we will know if the Women's F game can be moved to Thursday. If that change goes ahead the we will have a spare time slot available at 7pm Fri.

So please keep a close eye on the website Master Schedule.

NOTE: These changes are being done at the request of clubs not the WBA.


PFD Foods have come on board as sponsor for our 3 point shoot on Friday night.  This secures a cash prize for our winner of $20 per successful shot.
Clubs are reminded they need to supply a Junior male and female 3 pointer expert for the night.



3 point shootout

On senior Grand final night prior to the Men's A final. A Club based 3 point shoot out has been arranged.  Each Club will be asked to supply their best female and male Junior 3 point shooter. They will battle the other clubs for a CASH prize based on the number of 3 point shots they can score in 30 secs.
For this competition a junior is anyone under 20 years old!!
If your interested in competing contact your club.
Selected club reps are asked to bring their uniform shirt so you can be identifiable to the crowd.
Remember we only have room for 1 Male and I Female contestant per club!!!!!




After some confusion on Friday night the following has been clarified:

- 3 point shots are only counted in U13’s and above.

- U13’s are the only grade that use the blue 3 point line.

- All other grades must use the outer white 3 point line.

Having said that.  The WBA discourage juniors to shoot from “3pt land” unless they are strong enough to do so without adversely affecting their technique.

As it does every year the Samaritan Murray Venture is causing no end of grief with our U17 Girls finals scheduling.

There may be some shuffling of games to make this work. All effected teams/clubs will be notified if changes are made.

Players and umpires are reminded if a serious injury occurs in a game it must be recorded on the scoresheet. If it's not, that player will be unable to make an insurance claim at a later date if required.

Broken arms and legs

Late Saturday night the Army approached us regarding having a sleepover on Sunday night.

They have packed up all their tents and have asked for 200-300 soldiers to sleep on crt 2 and 3 tonight so they can be shipped out starting at 2am in the morning.

This means any teams intending to train tonight should probably take advantage of the school holidays and have a night off!!!

Army Sleep over