MP Master Program Week 7

The above linked attachment is the revised schedule for week 7 which shows all the currently washed out/rain effected games from rds 3,4,5 to be replayed on Sunday the 16/6.

2 Senior teams Women's D - T3 and Women's E - T1 have 2 games each to be replayed.  With consultation with Titans these games have been scheduled in with an agreed break between games.

At this stage due to lack of available resources we  haven’t rescheduled any of the U9 games as they don’t play for premiership points.

The WBA realizes it is not ideal to play games on the weekend but with such a full game schedule we don't have any other options.

Hopefully it doesn't rain on this Sunday!!

Shaun Clements - Ex Whyalla head coach, State coach and DNSP coach is leaving town this week to seek a brighter future in the big wide world .  On behalf of the WBA I would like to thank for Shaun for the many tireless years he has dedicated to Whyalla junior basketball.

He will be sorely missed by the Whyalla Basketball community.  His commitment to the sport over more than 30 years, but especially in the lst 6 years has been 2nd to non.

The large numbers of Whyalla kids that have recently made State selection are proof of the success of Shaun's program.

Although renowned for his firm strict coaching style Shaun really was a softy with the kids always being his first priority.

Shaun has certainly come along way since the old days when, as a long haired, smart mouth kid, that when sent for his regular disciplinary laps of the court during his u14 boys trainings he would jump on his push bike and "ride" around the courts.   Try doing that at one of his DNSP sessions!!!!

Good luck in the Future Clem

The WBA have finally released the full 14 week schedule. Due the 14 week structure very few teams play even rounds and there are no spare time slots to play make up gamers.  As in previous years if at the end of the season you believe you have been duped of a finals spot due to an unfair draw, clubs are invited to lodge a formal complaint to the Match committee to look at.

A proposed finals program has also been released but WILL change.  The GF's are currently scheduled to be played on Thurs and Friday due to Whyalla Show commitments.  People hate this idea and instead we are now campaigning the Whyalla Show society t0 allow us to have the stadium on Saturday.

We hope to know the answer in the next Month or so.


As highlighted in our recent spate of rainy weather, unfortunately the stadium roof still leaks.

The major concern is a significant leak on crt 3 adjacent the key at the canteen end.  Games were cancelled on Tuesday night on this crt and played under modified conditions on Thursday.

The WBA HATE to cancel games however safety is the driving factor here.  Water on basketball crt turns the surface into an ice skating rink and is very dangerous.

The WBA has failed in many attempts to fix this very bad leak .  Experts have told told us the overlapping of the sheets is being compromised by age (they are lifting, have debris buildup).  Next week Aceblock Roofing are once again offering their time and resources to try and overcome this problem for the short term.  However if this fails we will need to re-sheet the whole bay or get a scaffold in and remove all the insulation in that area to try and find the source of the leak.

A recent grant submission to replace our aging roof and gutters was unsuccessful.  We are trying for another grant in June.  Unfortunately unless we get support from an outside institution realistically we don't have the  funds to replace the whole roof.

So for the time being we will patch what we can to keep games being played. Sorry for the inconvenience, and most importantly Thanks again Aceblock.


The Adelaide 36ers had planned to visit Whyalla on the weekend of the 18th and 19th of May to hold a number of training camps as well as play in a scratch match with local some of our local talent.

They have unfortunately had to cancel due to player unavailability.

When a new date is announced we will be sure to keep you informed.

The master program has been rescheduled due to complaints about disparate scores in U11g's.  The 8 teams have now been split into Division A and Division B.  All previous U11G game results have been deleted and the season will restart as a 12 Week season.

This change affects other games scheduled for Thursday's so please recheck this if it affects you!!

The latest schedule is attached on the Right side of this sites homepage.



The stadium will be closed to all training on the 18 and 19th of may due to a 2 day basketball carnival being held by the Phillipino community.

Registered players automatically appear on the Scoresheet each week based on information provided directly from your club.  If a players name is spelt wrong or uniform number is wrong, you must inform "Your Club" about this, not the umpire or the games manager.

If your name doesn't appear on the score sheet at all contact your club as it appears they have not registered you with the WBA.  The WBA registrar checks every scoresheet for names that are hand written in.  Teams playing unregistered players will be fined by the WBA and a forfeit imposed.


Good luck to all teams this season.

Unfortunately once again clubs have forced some last minute changes on to us (the WBA).

On Tuesday -Wildcats have withdrawn a team from U9G's. Thus this grade has been rescheduled please recheck the program.

On Tuesday - Bevan have withdrawn from U11B's Luckily this team was replace by a 2nd Demons team so there is no change to the schedule.

On Wednesday - Wildcats pulled out one off its WG teams and moved them to Tues in WF. This Change effects WD, WF and WAR.



At the last WBA management meeting a bylaw review was undertaken.  Some significant changes have taken place that will affect this seasons competition. ,hopefully for the better.  This is just an overview of the changes.


Teams now have 4 weeks to be in uniform allowing clubs a little extra time to order new uniforms.

Fill in players often cause number clashes.  It is now permitted for one player, per team, to play with their uniform inside out.  Importantly this is only applicable for fill in players, nominated players of that team must be in uniform.  However for finals ALL players MUST be in correct uniform with different numbers.

In the event of the blood rule all soiled clothing including shoes must be replaced.  Teams are not expected to carry spare uniforms so in this situation a player/players are permitted to play on if suitable(as deemed by the umpire) T-shirt/shorts, etc are available to be worn.

Where a club has more than one team in a grade they must provide an alternative uniform that is a definite contrast to the other.  Penalty is the match will be ruled s an un-notified forfeit by the “B” team as indicated on the scoresheet.

Illegal Players

Technically a Player who is found to be not listed on the score sheet after the game has commenced shall be ordered from the court, a bench technical foul shall be imposed on the offending team and any score made by the unlisted player shall be deleted.  However now the opposing team may officially permit this unlisted player to play. 

U9 Competition

As permitted in Under 7's, Coaches are now allowed on the court to give players direction in th U9 Competitoin.  Coaches must take care to not impeded the umpires or interfere with general play.

U15's playing in Senior grades.

U15’s, who wish to play in senior grades, must apply in writing via their club with written permission from all of those listed below.

  • Parent/Guardian.
  • Club Committee Approval.

This permission is only required once.

Combined Players
Too protect the integrity of the competition No more than 3 combined players are permitted to compete in a junior side unless they have been ‘long term’ players with that club.

  •   A combined player is defined as a player who played in or was selected to play in a WBA “Principal” representative team for a minimum of 2 carnivals in the preceding 12 months.
  •   A long term player is defined as a player that has played with the club for at least 2 years.
  •   For the purpose of this rule, a combined player is designated for the following winter and summer seasons, after they have been deemed a combined player.
  •   This rule doesn’t affect players playing above their combined age group.

Junior Divisions.

Divisions within a Junior grade are implemented to protect the competition.

  • Division A – Should be advanced players, top age, playing or aspiring to play combined/representative basketball.
  • Division B – New players, bottom age, more of a social nature, with no aspirations of playing combined/representative basketball.

Within an age bracket a junior player may play up from B to A division as a fill in player as per rule for upto 4 games a season.  Also with written permission from the Qualifying committee an A division player can now be dropped to B Division mid season.

Junior Players that are "currently" selected to represent their state or play nationals are not permitted to register or fill up into B div competitions. Or senior grades that are not beneficial to their personal development as determined by the Qualifying Committee.

Regrading Teams

Within the 1st 4 rounds of any season, The WBA reserves the right to regrade a player or team if clubs aren’t grading teams or individual players appropriately.


To review a full copy of the bylaws please go to the "Bylaws" link in the top menu bar of this webpage.


All is going to plan to commence the 2013 Winter season on time on Mon the 29th April.   The first 2 weeks of the program has been released. You can find the link to the schedule and results on the right hand side of the Home Page (below the twitter feed).

U15GA have been moved from Frid to Thurs at late notice but apparently this suits most people.



If any one out there is smarter than me and knows how to move or remove the twitter feed from this webpage please let me know.



15 year old local basketball player Jasmine Bridgman has been selected to represent the SA Country basketball team at the 2013 Under 18 National Basketball Championships at the Auchenflower stadium in Brisbane.
Jasmine has gained selection for the third year in a row, this time as a bottom age under 18 player, giving her the distinction of making the cut for 3 years in a row.
The national championships will see the top 10 players from each Australian state (Metropolitan and Country, Queensland North & South) and territory plus New Zealand’s and Oceania’s best.
The Australian side is selected from these championships, college scouts from America will fly out to watch and take notes, and Men’s and Women’s ABL coaches and scouts will be in attendance to look for players of the future, such is the strength of the championships.
The team will fly out together from Adelaide on the Thursday, the competition starting on the Saturday 9am, when SA Country comes up against WA Country.
Sunday 3pm against Victoria Metro (always seem to make the grand final), Monday 1pm against Tasmania, Tuesday 11am against Queensland South, Wednesday 9am against NSW Country and 5pm against the Australian Capital Territory, Thursday see’s the girls having a rest day before recommencing Friday for finals, hopefully having done enough to finish top 2 in their pool and going into medal contention.
The competition will be held from Saturday the 20th of April up to and including, Saturday the 27th of April, the competition can be followed on the sporting pulse or SA country website, with up to the moment updates on scores and statistics.
Jasmine will be once again carrying the flag for Whyalla, and sacrificing her school holidays to compete, she and her team have been training for the last 3 months since the Albury Country championships in Adelaide and Murray Bridge on all but 3 weekends since the end of January.
The team has a fair draw and if they play well have every chance of moving into the medal rounds.

IMG_20130316_202756Steelers Women take out Port Augusta Basketball Title
The Whyalla Steelers women’s A-grade basketball team concluded a fantastic season in the Port Augusta basketball association, by taking out the grand final 72-52 against the Falcons on Saturday Night 16/03/2013.
In probably one of the best games of basketball witnessed for many years, skill wise, physically, defensively and offensively, intelligent and disciplined, the Steelers ladies held sway from a determined and physical Falcons team, who wanted to win at all costs.
Falcons started the first quarter determined to try and blow the game apart early, making space, isolating one on one, driving to the basket every time they went forward, Steelers combining inside and outside shooting, scores tied 17 a piece at quarter time, Taylor Breen scoring well and Ebony Curwood playing a strong leadership role.
The second quarter was still free flowing as both team ran offensive plays, with Steelers executing flex play and screens better and slowly plugging any gaps in defence, you could see the cracks starting to appear in Falcon’s game, Steelers nailing many fine shots, not to be outdone Falcon’s traded shot for shot, however now not being able to penetrate through the middle, whereas the Steelers ladies were able to score from all areas, Falcons becoming undisciplined and fouling unsportsmanlike on Jasmine Bridgman as she was starting to cut up the Falcons defence, half time score in the Steelers favour 34-32.
The third quarter really saw the Whyalla Steelers exploit the cracks in the Falcons defence, despite 3 or 4 Falcons defenders running traps in the Steelers back court, trying to pressure and turn over the ball to their advantage, they were left eating dust from Jasmine’s speed and agility easily allowing a 2 on 1 pass off in the front court giving the Whyalla Steelers easy baskets, Falcons became a defensive rabble, undisciplined, unwilling to chase and going for the body instead of making the effort to close out, Whyalla ripped the Falcons heart out 22 points to 8, Taylor Breen, Ebony Curwood, Rhianna Stringer and Jasmine Bridgman dominating as senior players, and more than ably assisted with reliable play from Bianca Clements, Nikeisha McNamara and Katie Edwards, all starting to get in on the act as a team, all realising the role each had to play, and not getting in the way of each other, allowing the screen and cuts, no cutting in front of the post player who had sealed, and actually using the option, running to assist, making safety position for outlet passes, boxing out on the Falcons when they shot, the holistic way a team game should be played, resulting in the Steelers going in 17 points up at ¾ time 56-39.
The last quarter saw some fight from the Falcons, but it was Whyalla who had their tails up and continued to enjoy the fruits of the disciplined preceding 3 quarters, and continued to stick to their game plan to march away with a 16-13 last quarter, giving Coach Shaun Clements and the Whyalla Steelers a well deserved premiership, after finishing minor premiers.
Stats for the game Whyalla Steelers, Taylor Breen 18 points (1 foul), Rhianna Stringer 17 points, Jasmine Bridgman 16 points, Ebony Curwood 9 points (1 foul), Nikeisha McNamara 7 points (3 fouls), Katie Edwards 3 points (5 fouls), Bianca Clements 2 points (2 fouls), for the Port Augusta Falcons, Peyton Fuller 15 points (5 fouls), Claire Schupelius 13 points (2 fouls) and Laurie Haynes 11 points (2 fouls).
The Michelle Harrison MVP award for the grand final went to Taylor Breen, Rhianna Stringer was awarded the highest points scorer for the season (217 points), Rhianna Stringer also took out the Len Blasheck Memorial MVP for the season from the Port Augusta basketball association.

At this stage the WBA is intending to wedge the Winter 2013 Basketball season into the tight winter schedule such that our finals finish before Hockey, Footy and Netball.

If we can we will finish prior to the Whyalla show avoiding the annoying compulsory week off due to WBA commitment to the show society.  This will also give us an extended 10 week break before the Summer season begins.  More importantly this will create a window for major floor repairs to be undertaken (if approved by insurance assessor's).

To achieve this games will have to start in week 1 of school term 2 and play thru the school holidays.  This is always contentious.

Final schedule is yet to be confirmed so don't take this as set in stone just yet.

Nominations are due into the WBA by Early April so register ASAP with your club to prevent missing out.