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As part of the WBA's ongoing support for child protection/safety the WBA insist all junior coaches have a current police check and have completed at least the Online "Child Protection" module from the Play by rules website.

Proof of completion is required to be held by your club.  Junior Coaches that have done the right thing are admitted into the stadium for free (via signature at the entrance).

Please don't argue with our gate keepers about this.  If you have an issue contact the WBA or your club. 

Clubs that don't follow these State guidelines leave them self at great risk!!

New interpretation of what is in play and what is not in play is being rolled out locally.
Apparently the square frame the glass backboard is glued to is now deemed as part of the court. The umpires are only to call an out of bounds violation if the ball hits any of the other supporting structure eg the horizontal and vertical supports.

Despite a few new umpires coming out this season which is great the WBA is struggling to fill its roster Particularly for Senior games on Mon and Tues nights.  The umpire committee continue their great work educating new umpires but it never seemsto cover the amount of referees we have leaving the game.  One that iI would officailly like to recognise is Brian (Hog) Stringer (not Pictured).  Brian has done 3 games in a row on Tuesday nights for as long as I can remember. Hog has recently moved to Kadina we wish him all the best.

If you can help even out by umpiring even its just doing 1 game before or after your game if you are a player please let us know.

umpires decision



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Presidential Interview

1978 Annette Kirby Alan Castle trimmed

WBA Life Member Allan Castle moved from Pt. Augusta to Whyalla in 1969 and immediately became involved in the management committee of the Whyalla Basketball Association. He  was made a life member of the WBA in 1983 after 10 years of service to the Whyalla Basketball Association , most of which was served as president.  Through this period Whyalla Basketball was growing rapidly having recently moved from a one court facility and the old aerodrome to 3 courts on McBryde Terrace.

As President Allan oversaw the introduction of junior basketball in Whyalla and began the push towards the development of an indoor stadium.  I decided to record this interview ( with my father) to capture his memories of those early days in Whyalla basketball.  As you will see in the interview Allan’s recollection of some of this history did cause some conflict as he can only recall one “comeback” as President, but I have a number of other WBA life members who confirm my memories of a second occasion when he returned to the role when no-one else could be found to fill the role.


Demons withdrew a WD team yesterday leaving no comp in that Grade we have merged WD and WE into WD/E

This is a 10 ten comp still played on Tues.

Schedule has been updated to the website


On Monday PA asked to submit a men’s team to our MA competition this would be graet as it removes the bye. However it adds another senior game to the already full Monday schedule. We have informed  them if they do play their games will have to be 8:30 or 9:30 timeslots (not really suitable for travelling).  They are getting back to us hopefully by tomorrow.


With preparations well underway for the start of winter season on May the 1st. The WBA are again looking for anyone in interested in refereeing this season. Especially seniors refs!!! We know there are a lot of people out there that can umpire that choose not to. We would love to engage those members to do just 1 game before or after they play to help us out.
Referees get paid by the WBA and get in for free. If you play and umpire 1 game per week by the end of the season you will profit nearly $100. You are basically being paid to play!!!
The complaint that basketball is an expensive sport is invalid for those that choose to get involved and help out.
Please reply to this post or message our umpire coordinator Debra Milne on Facebook to get involved.


Jorja rocking it in NZ in the Aussie Colours, doing Whyalla proud!

She was selected as 1 of the top 10 players in U16's Country teams that competed at the Albury Australian country Championships in January. 

Each year these selected Aussie Country teams do a NZ tour at easter.

The girls played awesome and came away with a Silver medal from the tournament.

U16G Jorja Eldridge Ustralian Team New Zealand Tour

I know the dust has barely settled on the Summer 16-17 Basketball season but next Thurs clubs will  be requiered to nominate their teams for Winter 2017.

It is only a 6 week turnaround between seasons so there is no rest for Basketball Administrators.

Contact your club ASAP if you haven't already or you may miss out.  Some clubs have already closed there registrations.


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All star 5
This season we asked all our grade coaches to pick their WBA Allstar starting 5 team + their 5 bench players. This is the result:
-Taylor Breen (Roopena)
-Ebony Curwood-Dare (Titans)
-Jasmine Bridgeman (Demons)
-Jorja Elderidge (Demons)
-Kylie Clothier (Roopena)
-Belinda McEvoy (Titans)
-Danielle Ricahrdson (Wildcats)
-Chloe Holmes (Demons)
-Nellie Cowan (Roopena)
-Talia Hines (Roopena)

-Chad McLean (Wildcats)
-Adam Nicol (Roopena)
-Grant Colyer (Roopena)
-Jordan Trevorrow (Titans)
-Sean Sheedy (Wildcats)
-Steven Hallam (Demons)
-Neil Higgins (Bevan)
-Michael Wallace (Roopena)
-Ben Hansford (Demons)

Congratulations to all named players.
These are the players the WBA are looking to represent us at the annuals State championships in January each year.
One thing we didn't do is nominate Allstar coach. Not sure how we do that as many of the teams don't even have coaches.

Congratulations to Roopena one their Double header A grade win in a great effort in just their 1st year of existence.
Roo's took home 5 Premierships this season, 3 of them arguably being upsets wins.
Every club managed to win a premiership which is great for the association, there was a fair spread of success, roughly equal to club size.
Demons dominated in the boys taking out U11BA, U13BA, U15B and U17B's they managed a total of 7 Flags for the Season.
Wildcats piped them with 8 Flags despite losing the MA title that they dearly wanted.
Bevan started the day on a high with a come from behind win in the U11BB they backed that up with a dominant performance in the U15GA1 final to shell shock Roopena who had beaten them in the 1st semi final in double overtime classic. Bevan finished with 3 wins on the day.
Titans started the day on a high with 4 wins in the 1st 4 hrs. But their luck dried up later in the day. Still a good effort but no doubt president Cathy Daniels would have been hoping for more considering they made it into 12 GF's.
WBA 's smallest club Sharks kept up their end of the bargain winning the WH final despite one of their players ending up in an ambulance. Hope your ok Jess!!
Well done to all coaches players and clubs.

Finals award

What a day!
11 hours straight of action packed Grand final basketball yesterday kept the fans enthralled and capped off another successful season for the WBA. There where no over time games, but there plenty of very close matches, upsets, cheers and tears all day.
We ran behind schedule manly because of couple nasty injuries requiring ambulance attendance. hope you guys are ok.
Canteen sales and attendances where healthy which was great to see.
WBA would like to acknowledge the massive effort put in by our volunteers, canteen and bar staff, referee's, gate keepers, Games managers and committee members that made this day a success.
Thank You all.
The WBA would love your feedback was the 1 day Grand final idea a success or not? We think it was.
What can we do better?

Super Saturday

Great night of BBall tonight, Overtime games, 1 pt thrillers, Upsets. 
You sure can tell that it is finals week !!!!

finals 2016

Confirmation of Game Swap for TOMORROW night.
U15B's semi final - D1 V D2 moved to 8:35pm.
U15B's semi final - W V T moved to 7:35.
Due to clash with MD grade.

Game Swap for next week Tuesday.
WD - W V R moved to 7:35pm.
WE - W1 V W2 moved to 8:35.
Due to clash with U17G's Semi Finals.
Any Issues contact the WBA

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