MAR and MB split have been Split for finals.
Please note due to a protest based around the total number of games played in MAR the final standings are:
The games have been scehduled in this manner however I can't manually fix the ladder as this is a split grade.
MB Grade Final standings are:

IMPORTANT: Please not U15B Semi final's game times are subject to change due to player clashes!
At finals time such requests are always late notice as teams don't know where they finish until they play their last game.
We try to accommodate requests were possible, given fair notice and both teams agree. But we don't have much wiggle room and we are not obliged to move games in such cases.
Where players are out of town, on holidays, working, etc this is not usually a valid case for changing a day of play for a final as the schedule has been released for a few months now.
All such requests should be in writing via your club to the WBA qualifying committee.

As we enter finals time for the Summer 16-17 season.
This Season the WBA would like to officially recognise our elite basketballers as identified by their peers. Thus WBA will be sending each Agrade coach involved in the MA and WA competitions a list of competing players and ask them to pick their top 5.
A Presentation will be done Grandfinal night prior to the Men's A final.
Coaches are asked to treat this seriously so that we get this right.
If successful hopefully this can become an annual presentation.


Popularised in social media, ridiculous party shooting has become more evident than ever at the stadium. This costs the WBA approx $2000 a year in smashed light fittings and globes as well as being a safety risk.
- Since Christmas 3 lights have been smashed by kids mucking around.
- Earlier in Feb 3 young boys broke a surveillance camera trying to shoot shots from the mezzanine floor.
- And worst of all last week a lady minding her own business walking around crt 1 baseline was knocked clean off her feet by a flagrant halfway shot, smashing a pair of $400 glasses. She was very lucky not to end up in hospital.
Thanks to our stadium Security camera’s we know who is responsible for all incidents!! The WBA have had enough and plan to start taking action against such senseless acts. Failure to adhere to requests to stop shooting flagrantly WILL result in a 1 week stadium ban, and where applicable costs for damage will be passed on to the offenders.

basketball drills vectors

What a great season of basketball in our Elite Men's competition. Just 1% and 2 premiership points separate the bottom 3 teams. Titans led by Sharp shooter Jordan Trevorrow, by far the youngest team in the comp had a great season stepping up and putting pressure on some of the old guard right to the last game. But unfortunately they fell just short of a major upset. The future looks bright for this group with some talented juniors waiting in the wings.
That leaves Demons and Bevan in the 1st Elimination final. This game could go either way as it did in the minor round. I think it will come down to who can keep their heads as both teams have struggled with that at times this season.
Chad McLeans Wildcats have been strong all season but Roopena have shown they can be beaten. This will be another interesting semi final on Monday night.
The minor round finishes for most of the 7 and 8 team competitions this week. So please check the schedule carefully as it becomes populated with actual team names once the premiership table results have been checked and ratified.

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It was brought to my attention last week that i had stuffed up the Thursday playing times when the schedule was finished in mid Jan. Each round was 5 mins too early compared to the other days. I have now synchronized Thursday with the other days. Worst case is some people way turn up 5 mins early


Another awesome junior carnival on the weekend with some epic games. Many thanks to all our Sponsors

Well done to all but especially the:

U12 Girls Div1

U12G Div 1

U14G Girls


U16 Boy's


U18 Girls


Congratulations and well done to all that organised this event.

If you haven't already check out the Whyalla Steelers facebook page for a more detailed trail of events photo's and results
Go Steelers


A reminder to all Teams - As per FIBA rules Players are NOT allowed to play and score, if a player takes the score bench they CANNOT then take the court. The WBA do allow Coaches to score but that is technically not allowed either as scorers are defined as officials of the game. We allow it on the provision that coaches don't shout and carry on from the score bench. If this occurs officials should stop the game and ask the coach to either leave the score bench or sit down and be quiet. If the umpires can't police this the WBA will be forced to remove the privilege which may result in more forfeits.


In the last 3 years the WBA has spent over $120,000 to air condition our stadium. So although still hot we don't believe it is ever necessary to cancel games. Our hot weather Policy was modified so it is now governed by the "temp measured in the stadium(local indicator)" not the Advertised/TV weather, see 12.3
12.1. Between 38 and 42 degrees – WBA enforces 1 minute compulsory timeout each quarter for junior and senior games. Common sense to be applied.
12.2. Over 42 degrees – Junior games are to be “Abandoned”. WBA enforces 1 minute compulsory timeout each quarter for senior games. No financial penalty for teams that forfeit.
12.3. Temperature is determined from the Stadium temperature indicator by the games manager 30 minutes before the start of first scheduled round.

Summer hot

Saturday 11th and and Sunday 12th the WBA will hold its annual Junior carnival.  Teams from Pt Pirie, Pt Augusta, Roxby Downs, Broken Hill and Pt Lincoln will converge on Whyalla. 100 games will be played over 6 crts on Saturday from 8am till 10pm.  Finals will be at the Jubilee park stadium Sun starting at 8am also.

The schedule and results will be displayed on this website and auto updated all weekend.

Weather is forecast to be nasty but our stadiums new air-conditioning should keep patrons cool.  A new ventilation system in the newly renovated Rec center will hopefully relieve some of the stress for teams playing there.

A massive thank you to our major sponsor McDonald's and all those that have helped get this event off the ground this year.


Massive thank you to the many people that turned up to do there bit over the last 2 days at the WBA's annual Working Bee.
We smashed our jobs list again this year knocking off a number of big ticket items. Its continual efforts like these from our dedicated volunteers that keeps our facility (despite its age) as one of the best in the state and ultimately helps to keep our sport more affordable to everyone.

I'm exhausted and am now going to collapsse into bed.

working bee

The Whyalla basketball Association wish all its members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

xmas Santa Logo

Mike Gibson from basketball Sa will be in whyalla working with our umpiring community next weekend ... Mike will be assessing and working with our junior referees thursday and Friday night ... we will also be holding a referee coaching course on thursday from 7pm till 9pm in the upstairs office if anyone is interested please message me by Wednesday ... we are also holding 2 umpiring clinics on saturday 10th Dec from 9am till 11am and then again 12 pm till 2pm please ensure you all make an effort to attend at least one of these clinics.


Great to see so many properly filled in score sheets since I stuck example scoresheets to each score bench last week.
Tonight I plan to attach the below information to further assist those volunteers that help out at games as officials.

Sorere tips