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In the interest of keep our members informed in terms of our plans to return to play with the current Covid situation across the State.

Basketball SA and SAC along with the WBA have been in discussions as to how we return to our sport. These discussions have involved SA Health, SAPOL and ...other stakeholders to ensure we do this as safety as possible.

Our Junior representative teams have forgone attending carnivals in both Starplex (Gawler) and the Riverland to keep everyone safe and not interact with various parts of the State in an attempt to stop the spread into our stadium.

With respect to our local competition we are planning on returning at this time as planned on the 31st of January. There will be restrictions in terms of spectator numbers, maximum of two per player for Juniors and one for seniors. We need people in and out for their game only. The canteen will NOT be open for the first two weeks and we will reassess from there.

In terms of masks, they WILL be worn in the stadium at all times, worn means worn correctly over mouth and nose. We will be having dedicated Covid Marshalls. People not complying will be given one warning and then requested to leave if they fail to comply again. Masks must be worn by everyone up until the moment you are participating in your game, don’t arrive saying I’m playing with no mask as you won’t be allowed into the stadium. SAPOL are conducting checks around all businesses and sporting associations to ensure we are abiding by our obligations under the Emergency Management Act. Fines can and are being issued for non-compliance under Operation Limit. $1,000 for individuals and $5,000 for organisations. Don’t be the first in our association to be fined.

Our entry and exit point is an area
of concern to us. We will have both doors open at our eastern entry point and both doors in the breezeway area to keep movement as easy and quickly as possible. You can assist by having the correct money on you to save time at the gatekeepers bench.
QR codes will be on display and everyone is expected to check in.

Please help us in maintaining our competition as best we can. We all
understand it is a confusing time at the moment but as an executive we will do our best to keep you all informed and have as many safety measures in place for our members safety.

Thanks all

WBA exec.

All attention ALL, due to a burst water main at Jubilee Park the entire park including our stadium is out of bounds until Monday. Apologies for any inconvenience but these things happen.

Jay Giameos, SA Country Basketballs Community Player and Coach Development Officer, recently launched episode 1 of a 10-episode podcast series; Dribble On. The podcast is aimed at all members of the basketball community for their development within the game of basketball. Each week it will have a ...special guest and by the end of the series will aim to have provided content for every type of basketball role. Below is the link to episode 1 with WNBA/ WNBL star, Australian Opal and former SA Country athlete; Cayla George.
Happy Listening!