Highlight footage taken by the Army at the first of our Army Vs Civilian Challenges during their July 2106 Exercise Hamel operations.

It was Grand final type atmosphere but better due to the amazing response from the local community to this charity event.

Whyalla local teams Titans, Bevan and Wildcats dominated the minor round games. But the army with strength of numbers were able to pool their talent for the final game to make a class team, that was too good for the locals in the end.

Army also won our Push up challenge at 1/4 time, Aaron(from the Army) pumping out an impressive 47 pushups in 30 secs. Credit goes to Dustyn Medwin for taking on the challenge with a respectable 35 push ups. Probably 30 more than I would have managed.

The upset of the night was the army Vs Civilian Tug of War Challenge. Benny Hansford and Jakyn Turpin-Burns digging deep to help the locals to beat the highly fancied and drilled Army Boys.
Over $1200 dollars was raised at the door for a number of chosen Charities.



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