1978 Annette Kirby Alan Castle trimmed

WBA Life Member Allan Castle moved from Pt. Augusta to Whyalla in 1969 and immediately became involved in the management committee of the Whyalla Basketball Association. He  was made a life member of the WBA in 1983 after 10 years of service to the Whyalla Basketball Association , most of which was served as president.  Through this period Whyalla Basketball was growing rapidly having recently moved from a one court facility and the old aerodrome to 3 courts on McBryde Terrace.

As President Allan oversaw the introduction of junior basketball in Whyalla and began the push towards the development of an indoor stadium.  I decided to record this interview ( with my father) to capture his memories of those early days in Whyalla basketball.  As you will see in the interview Allan’s recollection of some of this history did cause some conflict as he can only recall one “comeback” as President, but I have a number of other WBA life members who confirm my memories of a second occasion when he returned to the role when no-one else could be found to fill the role.


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