170618 40 year aniversary picture with Keith Lenon

Keith Lenon was a basketball pioneer in Whyalla. When basketball began in Whyalla it was at the old Aerodrome (just behind where the wetlands are now) in 1955 and there were just 5 teams. In 1957 a 14 years old Keith Lenon decided to “give it a go”.  In 1972, when we had moved from the original one court “facility” to McBryde Terrace, Keith became the third person to be awarded Life membership of the Whyalla Basketball Association.  From them he went on to serve another 8 years as Publicity officer, 2 – 3 years as President ( Keith was President in 1977 when we moved into our new stadium for the first time) and then another year or so as Secretary.  NOTE:  The Whyalla News text in the above photo is incorrect, Keith was not our 1st President!!

Keith is passionate about the importance of preserving historical records and so spend some time searching t

1963 Knights U17Boystate Championships

hrough old Whyalla News copies to ensure that the information he would repeat in the interview was as accurate as possible. We started the interview at the old McBryde Tce courts but we caught up again a week or so later at the stadium as Keith had recalled a few more people he wanted to acknowledge.

I really enjoyed chatting with Keith and know that he appreciated the chance to revisit some memories of what had obviously been a very big part of his life for many years.



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