In 2012 The Whyalla basketball Association lead by President Lawrence McLean and project manager Ian Hoffmann embarked on an ambitious project to replace our 35 y.o hardwood floors.  Boards had been failing for many years, especially in the key ways of crts 2 and 3.  This is the 1st of a 6 week Time lapse series of video's documenting the process and the volunteers involved.


The Wood arrived on time in early Aug via 2 semi trailer loads.  The packs weighed nearly a 1 tonne each.  A Forklift was used to lower the packs onto specially made wide wheeled trolleys. 

120728 Stadium floor 004

Even getting the wood in was a challenge we were on tight schedule getting the forklift bogged didn't help!!120728 Stadium floor 001

Wood was stacked predominately on crt 2.  This crt was unavailable for the finals, but made handy extra seating.

120728 Stadium floor 009

The wood was also onsite for the Whyalla show the day after our finals we had to redistribute the bundles around the edges of all the crts for them to get their exhibits in.

  120728 Stadium floor 010

One of the many moving teams.

120819 Moving pallettes after the show

Crt 1 ready to go

120819 Calm before the storm 2

Week 1

Time lapse of week 1:  Work starts the day after the Whyalla Show society exit the facility.  The team is rallied the floor is cut and up come the boards.
Then the mammoth task of sorting and de-nailing the boards starts. They move 2 crt 3 as the project is well ahead of schedule. 

 Darren Quinn on clean up duty 1/2 way thru crt one removal

120820 4pm Monday way ahead of Schedule Darren Quinn

Barely started but the crew have taken a smoko already!! Kym Ramke, Wes & Lawrence Mclean and Mark Bishop reading the instructions by the look of it.

120820 Resting Chris ramke Wes Lawrence Mclean Mark Bishop

With the floor ahead of schedule on Crt 1 Darren Quinn Jim Higgins Olly Rosalia and Chad McLean move the muscle to crt 3

120822 Late Tues starting to lift crt 3

With the floor up clean up of broken wood and nails continues.

120822 Clean up on Crt 1

Crt 2 is designated as our de-nailing station Many of the wood was damaged on removal from crt one. Lawrence carry's out a quality control inspection

120821 Lawrence Mclean Quaility control

Week 2

With crt 1 completely ripped up the contractors come in to start laying the main crt.  At the same time crts 2 and 3 are fully removed. Getting the floor up is the easy part fixing and leveling the joists takes days.  

Old relics Found under the old floor.

120823 Relics found under Crt 1

Being aged quality hardwood the old floor is worth noney.  Many locals and outsiders purchase the wood from us by the bundle. Some went for fire wood, some went for furniture manufacture, some went to be relaid as floor again in Adelaide.

120823 Wood Bundled to go

Burning broken boards and kindling was a highlight for the kids. Especially big Kids Chad McLean, Mark Fisher and Olly Rosalia.

120824 Burning kindling Chad Mclean Mark Fisher and Olly Rosalia

 The last of the boards come up.

 120829 Last boards come up on crt 2

Boards are shipped out via Ian Hoffmans Fowler.  John Mathews in the foreground still de-nailing.

120830 Ians Fowler

10,000's of nails were collected and recycled.  These plus another full steel garbage bin!!

120830 Nails

Week 3

Week 3 Time Lapse of the Jubilee park Stadium reflooring project and Crt 1 new floor is completed. Sanding and prep for painting begins.  

 Crt 2 and 3 straightening shimming and repairing the joists continue.  Phil Sweeney and Lawrence McLean pondering where to start.

120829 Phil Sweeney ANd Lawrence Mclean levelling

8 y.o Georgia Hoffmann getting her hands dirty helping out.

120831 Georgia Hoffmann Helping Hands

Removal of remnants of the old lighting tower. This plate used to stick up out of the floor at the centre of crt 2 & 3.

120825 Removal of Steel plate that used to be centre court of crts 2 and 3

Codi, Macy, Amiee, Amali Kaesler, Hanah Wakelin and Madison Hoffmann Discover a 4ft long Snake Skeleton, and run for the hills.

120831 Girls checking out the Rat rat tech screwed t the joists

 The new wood is laid out to dry ready for laying next week. 

120906 All the wood laid out to dry


Week 4

1 month in and the WBA stadium floor project is still on schedule and going well.
Crt 3 wood goes down, Crt 2 almost gets finished. Sanding continues feverishly around crt 1 while the expansion control joints are laid.

The Cox construction guys takle a well earned lunch break

 120911 Cox Guys

Time lapse camera gear

120926 Camera Gear

Week 5

The Flooring contractors are finished as all 3 crt's are now completed.  In week 5 issues were discovered with crt 1 backboard location mechanical realignment is necessary.  Painters move in to start the finishing off process.

Bare floors waiting for the final signage and seal to go down.

120926 Before the Seal



Week 6

Week 6 see's finishing touches take place: Control joints, sanding, cleaning, court marking, crt signage and finally the seal goes down.

Crt 3 Before the seal and decals

120926 Before the Seal 2



Week 7

Last 2 coats of seal go down in week 7(no footage of this).

140125 Crt 1

140125 Crt 3

Project was completed on schedule on budget.

Massive recognition must go to President Lawrence McLean for his vision and management of this project. The biggest project since the stadium extension some 30 years earlier.

Well done and thank you to all the volunteers and contractors that helped.

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