Chairperson: Ben Birrel
Vice Chairperson:  Jenna Edwards
Secretary:  Danielle McElligot
Treasurer:  Lenny Payne
Head Coach:  TBA
Uniform Co-ordinator:  Jenny McDonald
Sponsorship Coordiantor:  Amanda Reese
Funraising:  Leaah Puddy and Michelle Ryan
General Committee:   WBA rep, Chris Coathupe, Darren Quinn, Michelle Spirat, Chris Hnarakis, Kellie Bails.



Chairperson:                     Jeff Spry
Vice Chairperson:             Darren Hoffmann
Secretary:                          Caroline Foran
Treasurer:                          Lenny Payne
Registrar:                           Pat Kemp
Umpire Co-ordinator:       Deb Milne
Member Protection:         Jeff Spry
Stadium Manager:            Phil Sweeney
Publicity:                           Vacant
Junior Committee rep:    

Club Reps:  Wildcats  -    Darren Francis
                    Titans   -         Melissa Croft
                    Sharks   -       Jodie How
                    Demons   -     Deb Milne
                    Bevan  -         Neil Higgins
                    Roopena   -   Grant Colyer



The Whyalla Basketball Association is a registered incorporation.  It is governed by its constitution, under pinning this constitution are our ByLaws:

  • ByLaws - Administering and Protecting the Game  This document outlines the roles and responsibilities of all WBA committee members and defines the duties of WBA paid staff and officials. The protecting the game section defines the WBA tribunal and complaint handling process and States member protection Policies for reported players.  It also explains the dispute process.
  • ByLaws - Playing the Game  WBA generally follows the FIBA guidelines in regards to playing Basketball.  This bylaw set defines the many unique things about our local competition, eg timing conditions, hot weather policy, player qualification requirements, etc.
  • ByLaws - Steelers  Defines the criteria for management of the Whyalla representative Program.  It outlines roles and responsibilities as well as providing  a documented process for coach and team selections. 

The Whyalla Basketball Association is affiliated with the South Australian Country Basketball Council, SACBC, which in turn falls under the jurisdiction of the Basketball Australia, BA.  As per our constitution when in dispute the state and then national bodies overide our Bylaws.

Follow the below link to the SACBC home page and then hit the Admin tab to view:
  SA Country Basketball

  • Tribunal process
  • Codes of conduct.  for Players Parents, Coaches, Officials
  • BA Member protection Policy
  • Cyber Bullying Poloicy
  • Blood Policy
  • Hot Weather Policy guidelines
  • And more



Venue A on the far left is the home of the WBA.

Venues B,C,D,E are typically only used for Whyalla's Annual Junior Carnival.

Map Whalla Stadiums

HISTBOOK-  This link takes you to an Excel Spreadsheet that contains all the Grandfinal results and MVP awards since the WBA was founded in 1955.   Use the filter buttons at the top of each column to search for a particular year, grade or name.

If you find an error in these results please contact us so we can amend this table.

Have Fun.