Dear Publicity Officer,

I hope what I have sent is of some use to your committee. I have written those names I can remember on the back of the photos, the actual dates I am unsure about.

Some of the players who stand out in my memory and would probably be worth a mention are.

John Lydeamore

One of the most talented sportsman to live in Whyalla. Whilst not trained in Basketball skills as young players today his natural talent, speed and agility made him an exceptional player.

Mike Osborne

Mick brought more to Whyalla in the way of true coaching skills than anyone else I came across. He taught me the value of a zone press which turned a small teams disadvantage into a winning tactic.

My best memory of Mick was his lightning chest pass, often when looking the other way he would whistle one into the keyway with pinpoint accuracy to his pivot player. He also used it to soften up a tough opposition who was giving his protégé Kim Borrett a hard time. One of Mick’s passes would fly in but unfortunately it would be just astray enough to hit the opposition centre on the nose. With bloodied face the opposition centre became considerably more tentative about the rough stuff.

Mick Poynter

His classical Basketball style , ability to use either hand and excellent shooting strengthened Spartans and Whyalla side considerably. He was a pleasure to watch and coach.

Chris Cowan

One of the best outside shooters to play in Whyalla.

Peter Rumball

Peter left Whyalla just after I arrived. I watched him in a few combine sides before he left. He blossomed when he went to Perth, and played in State junior sides. I believed he captained the Western Australia U20 side. He played top level senior basketball in Perth.

I would like to also comment on the enormous efforts made by John Kirby in the days when we built our stadium. His dedication of personal time particularly with the first extensions was extraordinary.

Bruce you might be interested to know that my son Andrew who was never any great talent playing juniors in Whyalla suddenly developed skills and dedication when we moved to Perth and went on to represent WA in the U16 side and made the U18 squad.

Well I’m sorry my memory doesn’t enable me to come up with anymore but 13 years away further dims the memories.

Please pass on my best wishes to any basketball identities from my era (Gunter for one). All the best to your committee in the efforts in collating the history of Whyalla basketball.


Barry Waddingham

Received in May 1995