LATTER DAY SAINTS (L.D.S)–In 1955 the Mormons basketball club became one of the WBA’s founding clubs. At this time many of the young Mormon Uniform LDSMissionaries who came form America to Whyalla were fantastic basketballers & largely responsible for setting the standard of Basketball in our local area. The local Mormon Church used to request: “Any missionaries sent to Whyalla must be proficient basketballer’s”. They won 4 of the 1st 5 MA premierships in these early years. In 1963 the Mormons teams changed their uniform & played under the Banner of L.D S (Church of Later Day Saints). They recorded their 1st Flag as L.D.S in 1964 in MB grade.

When the church stopped their missionaries from playing basketball the club lost its structure & started on its decline. Eventually fracturing into other clubs.1960s Morris Hynds and Linday Pope

Some names from the past Robert & John Pope (twins), Daryl Pope, Brent Pope, Jeff Pope, Bill Liddle, Jim Spikin, Maurice Hynds, Freda Pope, Christine Eacott, Freda Hynds, Lillian Ricketts, Graham Ricketts.