POSTALS – Are one of the founding clubs of the WBA.   They started as a group of workers from the South Australian Postal Institute. Postals originally played in Post office box red uniform with blue shorts. This white uniform is from the 1960’s.

Uniform PostalsPostals took out 3 Men’s A grade Titles 1961/62, 63/64 & 66/67. Some of the Players that graced the Postal uniform were John Rumball, John Lawrie, Trevor Selby, Rod Warner, Trevor Gigney, Peter Krome, & Pat Hayes. Postals women’s Teams were very strong in the 60’s They won 4 premierships in a row from 1965 to 68. Names like Elaine Krome, Anne (McKay) Dunn, Lyn (McKay) Sharp, Sharon (Mckay) Hearne featuring just to name a few. Annette Bowley won the U16G MVP for Postals in 1974 when she was 12 years old. Originally Peter & Elaine Krome with John Lawrie administered the club through the Postal institute. Later June & Ray Bowley, Paula Blatchford Anne (McKay) Dunn took over. In 1974 when the WBA started to introduce its 3 team policy Postals were unable to comply & merged with Nomads.