TITANS– The WBA’s newest club was born from a merger of unisex club Robinettes & Spartans in Sept 2003.  Robinettes which was a unisex female club approached Spartans to merge in an effort to gain some men’s teams for its members.

The name Titans was chosen by competition won by Karen (Fleming) Crocker. 


Tony Leach was appointed the clubs 1st President. Heather Ledgard was largely responsible for running the club administratively in it s first decade.

Titans Women have always been strong but the merger meant that they had so many players they had to field 2 A grade women's teams initially diluting their strength. Titans won their first WA Premiership in 2006. Defeating Demons with Ebony (Curwood) Dare taking out one of her Many MVP awards. Fraser Marshall was the clubs first Men’s A Grade MVP winner.