The WBA has done its best to schedule so that there are no clashes in the finals. However as the minor rnd is completed and we reach the pointy end of the season and normal days and times of play change we will no doubt be forced to make some minor changes. When this does occur we promise to notify all parties ASAP. Some potential issues have already been raised but may not come into to play depending how finals games go over the next few weeks.
NOTE: Bylaw The WBA is not obligated to change Final schedules to suit clubs that choose to use players in more than 1 grade.
Having said that we do try to accommodate all players. Accommodating all coaches is much harder and not always possible.
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This week Pat Kemp and I spent time searching for a number of missing game results. They have been found and entered into the system, thus the premiership tables are now all correct to our knowledge.
For most teams there are 2 minor rnds left in the current summer season. However for 7 and 8 team comps your season finishes at week 14. Thus your final series will be stretched over 2 weeks as a traditional 1v2 and 3v4 semi then a prelim before the GF on the 13th of march.
We try to keep all finals to your normal night of play but that is not always possible.
Good Luck to all those teams fighting for a finals berth!
UPDATE WeI had to do some minor finals shuffling to fix some errors.
I also pushed all Tues the 9th's games back 30 mins to start on the half hour, as per the minor round scheduling, as requested by numerous shift workers.
I have moved some late games forward to fill a couple vacant slots.
Please recheck the Finals schedule for your grade and alert your team mates if you are affected.
NOTE: SF1 is 1 V 4 and SF2 is 2 v 3
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Our lost property pile is growing out of control! We will be doing a cull on the weekend, clothing to a goodwill bin and drink bottles to the bin. If you think you have lost any clothing items at the stadium best you check this week.

Three exciting new slushie flavours in the canteen, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry and Grape. Come and in a grab one and tell us what you think.

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As per SA Country guidelines if you are reported and subsequently suspended you may not enter any BA sanctioned venues for any basketball related reason, eg playing, training, coaching, spectating for the term of that ban. This ban is recognized Australia wide. For example this weekend for the Whyalla Junior carnival at the Rec centre as a BA sanctioned event is being held a suspended member may not attend any games there. They can however go for a swim at the pool as that is not basketball related.
This Clarification is significant as it different to the WBA's interpretation of this process in the past!!
The WBA have a local bylaw that states any player that receives 2 Technical fouls in a game automatically gets a one 1 match ban, our bylaws class this ban as a suspension thus the above guidelines are enforceable. This particular bylaw has been reviewed recently. All WBA Bylaws are freely available on the WBA website under admin.
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At the last WBA management meeting it was reported that Referee's are becoming frustrated with stray balls running on to crts while games are in are play. This is extremely dangerous for our players. Only coaches atre permitted to be bring basketballs in to the stadium on game night.
On that same note, Basketballs are not permitted on the mezzanine floor for similar safety reasons, as per the signage that has been their for 30 years!
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These are the new restrictions that will be in place for the remainder of this year from Tuesday the 1st of December, they will be reviewed in-line with any changes to the Covid Management, Major Emergency Declaration.
- A dedicated Covid Marshall will be in the stadium from the commencement of our game night to its conclusion. They will be identifiable as they will be wearing an orange safety vest. Please comply with their requests around Covid safety.
- Starting from Tuesday December 1 each CLUB will need to have a COVID Marshall present at their trainings. There will be penalties in place if this does not occur.
- Only games balls in the stadium, shooting on court at breaks in games will NOT be permitted. This will be strictly enforced.
- Lastly it is anticipated that the WBA will have a QR code that every person entering the stadium will be required to scan into their mobile phone. If you do not have a smart phone in order to do the QR sign in, we will have a hard copy sign in sheet, this will need to be completed in order to allow you entry into the stadium. If SAPOL attend it is incumbent on you to prove you have provided your details on entry, failure to do so may see you issued with an infringement notice. Both the QR and hard Copy sign in form will be situated at the entry point, a contactless hand sanitiser is also located there for your use.
Thank you for your cooperation, please keep an eye on this page for further updates.
WBA Management team

Below is an improved calendar of events in a year to a page perpetual format!!

Calendar of Events 2021

To see how the WBA calendar aligns with state and national trainings or other Bastketball carnivals or events. Click the below link

SA Country Calendar of Events


American, Alex Starling is coming to Whyalla to run a 2 day basketball clinic on the 14th and 15th of December at our stadium.
Alex is a basketball superstar in our state who's athleticism is off the scale. His story is an interesting one. Born and raised in Miami Florida, where he played Div 1 NCAA with Bethune Cookman University, he came to Australia in 2012 originally via an AFL scholarship program with the Sydney Swans, but his first love was and is basketball.
Alex ended up in SA’s Premier League (now NBL1) where he has dominated the competition, leading his teams to many Championships and winning several awards including the highest individual honor, the Woolacott Medal multiple times and been named in All Star teams every year.
He moved to the Rockets in 2017 where he became the junior Development Officer, spending his time visiting schools, coaching kids and generally improving skill levels across the NABC Junior program.
Alex has built up his own business (Sleed Basketball - ) which sees him look to make any basketballer better. He deals with all levels from beginners to elite.
Alex is a “pied piper” with kids, they just love him and many go to every clinic he runs. He builds relationships very easily and I am sure if you take the time to say hello you won’t regret it.
Alex’s contact details are on the flyer if you need to know any more information about this clinic.

A message from the WBA Treasurer;

We have received the SAC invoice for all players, clubs have only the next two weeks to request refund for this season.
Once the invoice is paid there will be no refunds issued. If you believe you are entitled to a refund please advise your clubs registrar.

Women's D GRADE W2 have agreed to swap with Women's E Sharks. Effective rnd 6.
U16 Boys B2 have been regraded to U16BA effective Rnd 5.
MA/Ares will split for finals.
WA/B will split for finals.
WC will be reviewed after the completion of a full round.
Friday Games scheduled for the 27th Nov (Pt Pirie junior carnival weekend) have NOW been moved till later in dec.
Please check the online schedule if you are involved with any of these teams or grades.
Forfeits are some times unavoidable. However nothing is more annoying than an un-notified forfeit. Please be courteous and tell your club as soon as you know you game is going to be a no show.
Unnotified forfeits carry a $40 fine!!.
NOTE :  The official avenue to do this is a phone call or text message to our competition organiser Pat Kemp on 0415 976 821 (usually via your club). Make sure you state your full team name, grade, game time and ideally the opposition.
Every club has juniors dying for a 2nd game. Early consultation with your club can usually result in some eager fill in players.
Common Tennis Etiquette: When To Forfeit
Patrons are reminded as a licensed venue Alcohol can not be brought onto our premises. For their own safety Intoxicated players are not permitted to take the court.
Seems some ladies got a bit carried away with their mad Monday Netball celebration this week.
We are back into it tomorrow night, our long awaited return.
Things are a little different from when we last played thanks to Covid-19. In order to comply with current SA Health policies our Games Managers have all completed their Covid Marshall training and will fulfil this role. They are identifiable as they are waring the Orange shirts, should you have any concerns in terms of Covid requirements please seek them out, likewise please comply with any of their requests if and when asked.
The WBA has completed and submitted a Covid Plan, as such we are bound by certain requirements under the SA Emergency Declaration.
Please enjoy the return of our sport, but do it in a safe manner to ensure that we are able to get through the season without any issues.
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