Attention all current WBA umpires;
Please note there will be a training session for umpires on Sunday 16 May at 4pm on crt 1. Strongly encourage all to attend. Kim and Brian will be running this.
The WBA has acknowledged that our local standard of refereeing is below par across the board and is putting in measures to improve this. One of the most important measures is frequent training sessions. We will try do these at least monthly. Referring is no different to playing if you don't train you won't improve!
When it comes time to scheduling referee's, those that regularly attend these sessions training will be prioritized over those that don't.
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We now have EFTPOS available in the canteen only. It is still cash only payment for entry into stadium.

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On week nights It is the responsibility of those teams training to return the key(hung at the entrance) before games commence. The training key has not been returned 3 times already this season. I know it is a contentious issue as to who, of the potential 6 teams training, job that is. However "someone" needs to return else the following nights training must be cancelled.
Their is a $50 fine for not returning the key. On week nights as we often can't determine exactly who is responsible that fee will now be applied to each club in attendance.
Please return the key.
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Thank You to Brian Quinn for coming on board to help nurture and train our developing umpires.
Brain is has been umpiring on and off for 35 years, is Whyalla's highest graded referee and a wealth of knowledge. He followed me around for an hour last night annoying the Sh#t out of me telling me off for seemingly doing everything wrong.
Please Remember, Our ref coaches are their to support you, please listen learn and grow from there advice.
It was great to have some development feedback on crt and it definitely made we work and try harder. It is something we have been missing for a long time.
Thanks you Brian for your time keep up the good work.
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Consider Our Coaches please:
On every basketball court there is designated area on each side of the bench marked with a line that denotes the coaches area. This is a restricted area for players and coaches and is not a thorough fair. Parents or spectators are not permitted in this area.
On crts 2 and 3 to get to the far end of the crt you have to walk through these restricted areas. Technically you aren't allowed to do this, more so it can be extremely frustrating for coaches trying to communicate to their players while being swarmed by foot traffic.
Patrons are asked to consider this and plan their canteen, or toilet excursions for 1/4 times or time outs. When they can give a wide birth to this area.
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The WBA have had 4 teams pull out in the last few days making a mess of our scheduling. The positive is it has created opportunities to remove some of the dreaded, 9:40pm time slots from Tues and Thurs. It does mean their may be an occasional game not on your usual night of play. If that is an issue please let us know well in advance and me may be able to address that.
The full schedule will be released at the end of this week once teams are stabilized.
I have been made aware that Football is not being "schedule friendly" to other sports this year, so that may also mean some shuffling is required throughout the season.
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The WBA are in the midst of a rebuild of its umpiring fraternity.
Over the past 3-4 years we admit to dropping the ball with respect to nurturing and developing our referee’s. In this time several of our senior referee’s have quit, retired or moved on. The result is we are desperately short of referees to do our senior grades.
The WBA DO NOT want to go to club umpires if we can avoid it as we lose all control of any standards and more refs will walk away.
A small group of referees got together in the break to address this and discuss options. This was a positive meeting with some constructive ideas and outcomes. The decision was made to try to push on with our existing WBA referee’s hopefully with the support from some former officials in the short term.
Our Plan:
Re-establish monthly referee training regime for all our referee’s and train some trainers, to allow more on crt support staff to help and advise referees on game nights.
For our more senior referee’s we need to reset some important boundaries. For example:
• Wearing the correct uniform. Players must be in uniform so must referees.
• No referee shooting in Time outs. Unprofessional! This doesn’t happen in any other sport.
• No use of phones during games. This infuriates players and coaches.
• Running not walking. Never get caught behind the play.
• Get to the correct spot on crt & Rotate with your partner at the appropriate times.
• Not tolerating abuse. Consistent Zero tolerance approach to offensive language.
In a nutshell - Respecting the game so that the players respect the referee’s!! Our senior referees are role models for our developing referees thus need to be setting a standard.
We have asked our Games Managers to be more proactuive in supporting our referee's on game nights and feedback to us which referees impress them and those not doing the right thing.
The Positives:
We have a bunch of young enthusiastic juniors putting their hand up to referee which is fantastic. The quicker we can get our current crop up to speed, the sooner we can get more newbies onboard to continually feed up into our senior referee system.
This will not be a quick fix, it is a rebuild!! In the short term there will be a few games with 1 referee which is unavoidable due to our depleted stable of referees.
We desperately need more players to help out by umpiring before or after their game to take the load off the few umpires we have. If you can help please contact Deb Milne (our referee coordinator) at the stadium, on Messenger or inbox the Facebook page.
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The 1st 5 weeks of the winter schedule have been tentatively released. Week 1 is pictured below (subject to change).
We have 138 teams, the highest winter registration numbers for many years, which is great for basketball, but that made scheduling difficult. The consequence of this is some grades split of different nights, and senior grades have late games, which are both undesirable. Please don't look to far past the first few weeks as I haven't got around to manually balancing these late games across the grades.
If you notice any mistakes please let us know ASAP.

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John Spooner


Our latest 3 part Video installment is with ex WBA President John Spooner.  It was filmed last year but has taken interviewer Trevor Castle some time to edit due to the amount of content John provided. 

John is a great speaker and pesonality with a deep life long passion for Basketball and Whyalla. Lots of legendary stories and names from the past are dropped in this interview. Plus alot you may not know about Johns journey.

Thank you John for your support for whyalla over many decades and thank you again Trevor for doing another great job in helping to capture and catalogue Whyalla's history.

 Click the links below:

Chapter 1


 Chapter 2


 Chapter 3




The WBA would like to officially recognise Mint Cafe / Head Catering as naming right sponsor for crt 3. The signage has been down since Xmas and looks great. I have been pestering owner Nathan Head to take a promotional photo for a while now on the weekend he again bailed sending some satndin's instead>
The head family have been involved in basketball for 30 years. I coached Nathan and his brother throughout their junior career and am proud of him and what he has gone on and achieved . Nathan's children have followed in his footsteps and it is inspiring to now see Nathan coaching at a junior level.
The WBA is honoured that Nathan has chosen to support local basketball please support him - "Mint Cafe / Head Catering".
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Attached are all the MVP's for Summer 20/21.

WB and WC grade are not correct they were manually calculated consdereing the split at week 9.

MA Mvp for Summer 20-21

All other grades MVP's


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What a weekend of basketball:
Our summer Super Saturday was again a great successful.
There were exciting super close games all day, many upsets and some controversy. A massive thank you to all our local referee's that stepped up to the plate on short notice after our Adelaide refs failed to show up. I thought everyone did a great job.
Grand final day is a long and stressful day for all administrators, canteen staff, referees , gate keepers and games managers. Thank you to everyone that makes this day run so smoothly.
Special note:
Certificate of appreciation recipients
Karen Sleep - Tribunal Commissioner
Fiona Spry - Canteen Support/management
Phil Sweeney - Stadium Maintenance Manager
Brian Quinn - Electrical Maintenance
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The WBA has done its best to schedule so that there are no clashes in the finals. However as the minor rnd is completed and we reach the pointy end of the season and normal days and times of play change we will no doubt be forced to make some minor changes. When this does occur we promise to notify all parties ASAP. Some potential issues have already been raised but may not come into to play depending how finals games go over the next few weeks.
NOTE: Bylaw The WBA is not obligated to change Final schedules to suit clubs that choose to use players in more than 1 grade.
Having said that we do try to accommodate all players. Accommodating all coaches is much harder and not always possible.
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This week Pat Kemp and I spent time searching for a number of missing game results. They have been found and entered into the system, thus the premiership tables are now all correct to our knowledge.
For most teams there are 2 minor rnds left in the current summer season. However for 7 and 8 team comps your season finishes at week 14. Thus your final series will be stretched over 2 weeks as a traditional 1v2 and 3v4 semi then a prelim before the GF on the 13th of march.
We try to keep all finals to your normal night of play but that is not always possible.
Good Luck to all those teams fighting for a finals berth!
UPDATE WeI had to do some minor finals shuffling to fix some errors.
I also pushed all Tues the 9th's games back 30 mins to start on the half hour, as per the minor round scheduling, as requested by numerous shift workers.
I have moved some late games forward to fill a couple vacant slots.
Please recheck the Finals schedule for your grade and alert your team mates if you are affected.
NOTE: SF1 is 1 V 4 and SF2 is 2 v 3
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