We are back into it tomorrow night, our long awaited return.
Things are a little different from when we last played thanks to Covid-19. In order to comply with current SA Health policies our Games Managers have all completed their Covid Marshall training and will fulfil this role. They are identifiable as they are waring the Orange shirts, should you have any concerns in terms of Covid requirements please seek them out, likewise please comply with any of their requests if and when asked.
The WBA has completed and submitted a Covid Plan, as such we are bound by certain requirements under the SA Emergency Declaration.
Please enjoy the return of our sport, but do it in a safe manner to ensure that we are able to get through the season without any issues.
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The WBA are looking to hold Referee training clinics on Sept27.
The WBA are desperate for Refs at the moment with many of senior refs not returning from their Covid break.
Its been along time between drinks since we last were able to hold a clinic and with no helpers in this area there is big void in our Ref development program at the moment.
Level 0 course will be ran 3pm to 5pm and training for our existing refs 6pm til 8pm.
Stay tuned for more details on this Training as the date approaches.
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Had 3 teams withdraw from of Mon and Tues nights this week, U18B MAares and MC. 2 of these merged to make a MB team. An extra, U16BB and U12G team was also added yesterday.
The end result is a bucket load of forced changes.
Please recheck the schedule to ensure your team has not been effected.
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Lower than normal WBA nominations creates a unique opportunity. A suggestion was made to start Mon and Tues night games at 6:30pm.
- The early rnd is often a struggle for working families to get to.
- Creates 12 more training opportunities for clubs during the week.
- With Whyalla's large Shift working population late starts are highly sort after, especially by Men's teams. Starting later means shifties will be able to get to most games when on dayshift.
- There will be a full rnd at starting at 9:20pm.
- It may be harder to get Scorers and referee's.
- Canteen revenue will be significantly impacted
The WBA are looking for feedback from the Basketball community about this suggestion.
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Still some unknowns being sorted thru. WBA hopes to lock nominations in by the weekend so scheduling can begin.

Once locked in clubs can start officially notifying teams of what is going on.

NOTE this process is all more compressed and rushed than previous seasons due to COVID. Nominations are 10% down from last season.


Basketball Australia and SA Country have experienced a slight delay in being able to establish the products (fees) associated with the early start of the Summer season.
They should be available early next week.
Until then Clubs can not release their Summer registrations.
2020 Summer Season Starting Soon - Register Now
Aussie Hoops term 3 registrations are now open. Due to winter sports the 50 min session will now be held on Friday afternoons at 4pm over 8 sessions.
If your child is between the ages of 5yrs and 10yrs register your child now for a great transition into under 10s basketball.
The Aussie Hoops Program aims to teach your child basic fundamentals and skills to give them the confidence to start in the under 10s competition when able.
Follow the link below to give your child a great opportunity in the game of basketball!

The WBA Exec committee met tonight to split the deadlocked vote around the proposed Aug or Sep summer season starting datesas we exit out of covid restrictions.

Sep 14 Date, Has now been locked in as a start date:

  • This allows us to start early but with minimal impact on other dominant winter codes.
  • We can run a standard 15 week season which is the fairest with respect to scheduling, as this fits most grades evenly.
  • It gives clubs and members more upfront notice of the upcoming start and thus a chance to save some cash before Nominations are opened in a few weeks time.
  • It allows us some wiggle room with a number of opportunity’s to squeeze extra makeup games if required, in Oct and Dec.
  • It allows us to finish our season early avoiding the March long weekend.  Giving clubs a longer Summer - Winter season break.
  • It allows us to cleanly run our term 3 Aussie Hoops program hopefully starting in week 2 of term 3.  This will occur on Friday afternoons up until games start.

SA Country have agreed to effectively start the registration window for the 20/21 season now.  This means members won’t have to pay double SAC fees.  At this stage SAC and BA have agreed to freeze (or keep to just CPI) any proposed price increases.  NOTE:  This is yet to be ratified.

So Spread the word ASAP, Sep 14 Start date!!

We thank all clubs/members for their patience in this trying time.

Canberra COVID-19 update: 3 new cases; total 80 | Canberra Weekly

As Covid restrictions ease the WBA is experimenting with plans to get basketball back on court. 2 options have been put forward for clubs to consider. Both start much earlier than normal but also deliberately finish earlier to miss the March long weekend and basketball State Country champs (which is always problematic to schedule around). Grand final day would be on Feb 27th 2021.
Option 1 – Covid 18,
A longer than normal 18 week season commencing as of August 24 2020 and pushing through until late February 2021. This option gets us the most games but would overlap and clash with the end the netball and football seasons.
Option 2 - Covid 15
Traditional 15 week season but kicking off 1 month early than normal in mid September 2020, finishing at the same time as Covid18, February 27th 2021. This plan has less of an impact on other major sports.
Make sure you let ypur club no your thoughts and stay tuned for more updates.
What do you call the disease caused by the novel coronavirus? Covid-19

SA Country Basketball are currently offering each association around the State free Basketball Australia Club Coach Accreditation Course for all their coaches (usually $100).

If you wish to take advantage of this could you advise us so we can ensure your spot. We need a minimum of six persons (maximum of 12) to undertake the course. Our course is scheduled to take place on the 12th of October 2020.


Start Coaching - Basketball Australia Coaching Resource

Most seven and eight team comps play their last minor rnd games this week. Because they finish early most will play a 3 rnd final series, semi's next week and prelim and GF in the following week. This is not the case for all these comps as unfortunately the State champ weekend blocked us from using Frid night in rnd 15 so the Friday night games have been spread thru the week in to available time slots.


This weekend we are running an hour long shooting clinic for players of all abilities from U12-16. 11am - 12pm Sunday.
Ccome and work on your shooting with a range of skills and drills that you can take home and work on in your own backyard!!


It's WBA policy for only coaches to bring balls to the stadium on Junior nights. Spectators are not permitted to shoot in timeouts or between 1/4. This is a very real safety concern we had one of our own referee's go down very heavily just before Xmas injuring himself.
Below is one of many concerned parents that have contacted us on this issue putting their concerns in writing.
"Can we please stop kids bringing basketballs in to the stadium during game days! It is very frustrating watching my sons team play while other non players are bouncing the ball along side the court as well as hogging the court right before our games while the team are trying to warm up. Then taking shots during quarter and half time. As a family we have also tried to sit up stairs and watch the games but have had to move due to teenagers having mini basketball games up stairs."