After feedback from my Facebook post from many concerned coaches and parents, combined with the results from Friday nights games to me it has become apparent that we can not implement some of our proposed changes immediately.

For example:
In U11B's and U13B's
It is too early to draw a line in the sand to split these grades. They need to play a full round so we can make a proper assessment. Thus any changes will be revisited at the completion of round 7.
Will stay as is for now. Grading matches may be held on a Wed at 5:45 to determine if teams are in the right
grade. Affected clubs will be notified.
U17 Girls
Wildcats 2 has been removed and games moved forward to remove a 9:30 rd game. Thus Monday nights schedule has been significantly modified.
Round Robin plan stands! So that every child gets to play every week. As Promised: Ruth Rowlands to implement some rules/guidelines and structure to this process to assist games managers and referees so things run smoothly on the day.
Most importantly all U7G's players need to be at crt 1, wed 5:45pm.


Due to this review significant master Schedule changes made to:
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.
Please notify coaches to check the schedule on the website and alert their players of any changes.