We are working thru plumbing solutions to resolve the occasional odor coming from the female toilets. The plumbers believe the blockages causing the smell are largely due to sanitary products being inappropriately flushed down the cisterns . Ladies, please refrain from doing this.

On that note another thing that would help is if the feral that has been defecating in the ladies sanitary bins would please stop doing this. It stinks, is completely disgusting and not right on so many levels.

And chunks of Poop on the back of the doors, girls, really what is going on in there. Seriously.

Our cleaners do not get paid enough to deal with this CRAP!!

The WBA have reviewed the stadium surveillance footage from the time of these incidents and have narrowed down the list of potential culprits. If anyone can help with this investigation on these matters please let us know so we can inflict a ban on the person/s responsible.