As of Winter season 2018:
1. The WBA will be changing to one cut off date, 31st Dec. It is an end of season cut off date, meaning you must be under age at the 31st of Dec. The simplest way to explain this is, for winter season:
U18 - Born 2001-2002
U16 - Born 2003-2004
U14 - Born 2005-2006
U12 - Born 2007-2008
U10 - Born 2009-2010
U8 - Born 2011-2012
2. The WBA is moving back to even grades e.g U8's, U10's, U12's, U14's, U16's, U18's
3. To be eligible to play Seniors all juniors must be least age appropriate for U16's.
4. The registration process is not confirmed but we hope that it will be simplified and condensed to one location unlike this season.
5. Tablet/IPad based scoring may also be an option eliminating score sheets.

Some things to plan forward for to Next season