7 and 8 team competitions 
Only require 14 rnds so will start their finals in rnd 15. Most of these grades play prelim finals spread over week 15 and 16.

Will be split for finals. Top 3 bottom 3. They are a seven team comp finishing in week 14 but because of this split there are no finals to play in week 15.so rather than have a whole wasted week off extra rnd of games was scheduled. This rnd will not count towards premiership points. As it creates and uneven number of games.

As agreed at the mid season review. Both Roopena 1 and Titans who have been in Div A will play the Div B finals with the next highest 2 teams from U11BB. The remaining top 3 teams left in Div A will compete in the finals series.

MB and WC
Being 9 team comps, it is impossible for all teams to play an even number of games. At this stage it is looking like both these grades are going to go down to the wire and not playing an even amount of games is going to make it impossible to fairly judge an outcome. So we Propose: 
At the completion of the minor rnd 2 highest finishing teams (that are short a game) play each other in a makeup on game on Thurs 8: 35, Thurs 8/3/18. This will ensure all teams in the hunt for finals finish on the same number of games.

Finals Schedule
Some finals scheduling has been corrected e.g. I mistakenly scheduled WC PF and GF on the same night. And U11BB and U11GB where scheduled for 11:30Pm.
Change requests should be made in writing ASAP, to WBA thru your club. But don’t hold your hopes up it is a carefully thought out schedule. Moving things around will create more hassles. Remember other people are looking and are planning to make the posted times.

We have requested Adelaide umpires for Saturday Grand finals but have not been promised any a this stage.