This question has been asked by almost every one of my clubs members.  The new online Sports TG registration and payment system simplifies the process for all parties, as well as breaking down the payments such that distribution of payments are transparent.  And yes they have gone up :(

CLUB - This season almost every club has dropped their club fee component. to ease the pain of the transistion

WBA - Fees have risen due to a global review & restructure of WBA fee mamangement.  This is the first increase in WBA fees in over a decade. The increase is to hopefully provide some capital for continued upgrades as well as funding an increase to referees while keeping our gate fees to the lowest in the state.

STATE / NATIONAL - Affiliation levies have always been paid to our national body however some clubs used to share the cost over 2 seasons.  The crappy part about affilaition levies at the moment is that all associations across the state are being double charged due to a change from retrospective payments to individual Payments before you play.

Beacuse of this affiliation change unfortunately fees are going to be high again in summer season before we stabalise back to normal levels.

This increase is out of our control, sorry.

That all said even with these increases a recent state wide fee comparision puts Whyalla cost to play fees on par with the lowest in the state.  Something we as an association are proud of!!

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