1st draft schedule for winter has been released.  This will change!!! But is a guide of how things are going to go.
Please scrutinize this and let your club or the WBA know of any scheduling issues.
This site is quite phone compatiable but they do recommend downloading the Game day App. to better view this content.
Have a play and look around it is different to what we are used to. We are still trying to get the club icons and stuff working.
The power of this system will become apparent when we change to "Courtside", tablet scoring of games.

SportsTG Is the sport software management package of choice for Basketball Australia thus the reason we are migrating to this platform this winter season. It is powerful, free to the WBA, web based, supported nation wide and is one of the things that your affiliation fees pay for. It is also a pain in the arse and complicated, it is the reason we have had to delay the roll out the Winter schedule or as Sports TG calls it the "Fixture".
I would recommend not looking too far past round 1 as some manual manipulation is still occurring eg, to reduce issues like too many 9:30 games, or coaching /player clashes.
Please be patient as we are all learning this new system.
There will be teething problems as we go.

Julian Kovacic has done an amazing job spending countless hours to get us where we are now. Thank you on behalf of the WBA.