As the WBA transition to online Sports TG Scoring we will rely on our officials to be up to speed with this technology to help scorers learn this new system.

We have purchased 1 Tablet already which has been used successfully on a number of games.  2 more tablets will arrive next week. 

They will be colour coded with a protective rubber case, configured for use on a specific crt with a simple crt password.

Each tablet will locked to the courtside app to prevent tampering by Geeks on the scorebench.

The tablets last for 6-10 hrs so must be charged each night  but will not need to be powered up while on the bench

They are to be left on the score bench and returned by the umpires at the end of the night by the referee.

Below are 5 very short 1-2min instructional videos to teach people how to use the Courtside tablet scoring system Sports TG system


Part 1 - Launch and Setup                   

Part 2 - Add a New Player or Coach

Part 3 - Assign Scores, Fouls & Timeout

Part 4 - Editing Actions                     

Part 5 - Referee Actions                      

We are still working out how this system works with respect to officials.  One thing we do know is the system require all referee’s to be registered in Sports TG, so that you can be assigned your own “Umpire code”

There is no cost to this!!  Simply log into sports TG using your existing club profile and select referee rather than player when that option is presented to you.