Tablets were used in anger for the 1st time this week to score a whole nights play. Besides a few minor hiccups all went really well. It will take the rest of the season to work thru the inevitable issues.

Games are running late at the moment due to the implementation of the tablet technology.
A culture change needs to occur: Coaches, Scorers and Referee's are used to walking up to the bench 10 secs before the game starts. Due to the requirement to check in all players before the game starts (which has always been the rule we just never did it) that can't happen anymore.
The scoring process now starts 5 mins before the game starts!!

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-The tablets are showing many players as unregistered even though they are registered. Ignore this and just soldier on until we can work out why it is doing that.

-The Tablet game clock is to be run in parallel with the actual game clock however it has no "official" role in the game.
IMPORTANT: Always ensure the tablet clock runs at least 10 secs behind the game clock. This helps to ensure actions that occur late in the ¼ are logged correctly, eg if the tablet clock expires and you enter a foul that foul will be booked to the next ¼.

-You can start a game via the tablet in less than 30 secs!!!   Manually adding fill-in players to teams Pregame is what takes time.
Clubs are asked to consider adding all potential fill in players to team lists senior and junior for each team to allow then to be checked in quickly and easily.

-Incorrect uniform numbers also delays the start of game. If you know your uniform number is wrong each week on the score sheet email your club and let them know so they can amend this in the Database.

-Players that turn up late are asked to “verbally check in” thru the score bench to give scorers a chance to add them.

Thank you to everyone for being patient and helping out.