While cleaning out the shed recently I found some old basketball folders. My first official role with the WBA back in 1994, which at the time was under the helm of Gunter Scheide, was as publicity officer. One of my jobs was was to promote the sport thru a weekly basketball column in the Whyalla News. Early on a competition was run to name the column. Megan Shuster (Corbett) came up with the punch line of Courtside by "Hoops" Hoffmann, this is how I got my nickname (It clearly wasn't because of my playing ability). Any old timers out there may remember some names in this particular which also featured Life member Bruce Dunn. Interestingly or maybe ironically the first column had an article about the roof leaking.
The column ran successfully for approx 7 years.
Times have changed and 2 decades on social media is now the communication tool of choice.