Well what a fantastic day and night of games. To finish of the Summer season for 2018/19
It started with our modies kicking off the day and receiving their participation medals. Well done to all our U/8's and U10's.
A great crowd packed the stadium all day. So many great games. Emotions were high with nearly half of the GF games ending up in upsets / underdog wins, 7 of the 25 games being decided by less than a Goal. This included both A grade finals. It was the first time in many years we have had close A grade games so this was a great end to the night.

The Men's A final was so close that it came down to a controversial decision on a heavy charge/ block call with just seconds remaining. The 3 Adelaide refs controlling the game peer reviewed the decision after the match on the video playback. They stand by their decision, bit it did involve them having to refer to the rule book for clarification a couple of times . Man of the match and WBA MVP Adam Nicol scoring 26 of Roopena's 46 pts to steal the win.

- For the 1st time in the Clubs short history Roopena had the most premiership with 7. They dominated the Men's grades
- Bevan as one of our smaller clubs Won the most games by % in the boys competition. A sign of hard work in that area.
- Titans should be happy with a 50/50 hit rate in the finals they competed in
- Wildcats performed well, making a lot of finals but were not able to close out as many as they would of liked.
- Our smallest club Sharks were unlikely to miss out on a premiership after pushing Roopena all game in the MC final.

Please don't read too much in to these finals Stats. Over time you generally see a swings and roundabouts scenario here. Last season Demons done well the season before it was Titans, etc.
The WBA wants is an even spread, which is a sign of a healthy competition. We believe In most grades we got it right this year.



Club Wins Finals made
Roopena 7 9
Demons 6 13
titans 5 10
Wildcats 4 12
Bevan 3 5
Sharks 0 1



Men's A Grade W1 45 R1 46
Men's A Reserves D1 41 W1 33
Men's B Grade R1 34 T1 26
Men's C Grade R2 41 E1 35
Men's D Grade T2 28 T1 25
Under 12 Boys Div A W1 43 D1 11
Under 12 Boys Div B B1 19 T1 16
Under 12 Girls Div A R1 27 T1 26
Under 12 Girls Div B W1 11 T1 15
Under 14 Boys Div A B1 51 W1 28
Under 14 Boys Div B R2 31 B2 24
Under 14 Girls Div A R1 29 W1 36
Under 14 Girls Div B D1 32 W1 23
Under 16 Boys Div A D1 34 W1 47
Under 16 Boys Div B B1 17 B2 51
Under 16 Girls W2 24 W1 38
Under 18 Boy's D1 48 D2 37
Under 18 Girls R2 66 D2 15
Women's A Grade D1 45 T1 47
Women's B Grade D2 24 R1 35
Women's C Grade D1 44 W2 30
Women's D Grade W1 20 T1 23
Women's E Grade D1 32 D3 25
Women's F Grade D2 21 T2 20
Women's G Grade R1 19 T1 44