Over the next few weeks the WBA will be forced to make the following changes to the current schedule:

Week 7
June long weekend - This is traditionally a chaotic sport weekend for representative Netball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, etc. Thus the public holiday Monday games will be moved to Saturday the following week, 15th of June.

Week 6,
WASP camp - 20 or so of our WBA players, referee's and coaches are off to Adelaide for a School basketball camp. To stop forfeits Teams adversely effected by this Basketball event, ie missing 2 or more key players can request a change of game time, most likely to the 15th of June. If a suitable rescheduled time can't be negotiated the effected game may be called a draw. If this effects you please contact your club or the WBA ASAP.
As this is going to be tricky to sort out.

Week 9
5 Team Comps - In a 12 week Winter season 2 teams in each 5 team comp get ripped off as they have an extra bye. That means come end of season they are a game short. To solve this the WBA propose to play make up games for these 7 effected grades. Most likely on Saturday night 29 June.

There are currently no spare slots on weeknights in the schedule to play these makeup games. All clubs voted against trying to play these extra games in school holidays.

NOTE: These changes have not been made yet