Common Bylaws you need to know:
- All players need to be in the correct uniform by round 5.
- To be eligible to play Seniors Juniors must be too old to play U14's.
- Juniors can only play one age grade higher than their registered grade.
- Seniors can fill in for higher grades. BUT if you play more than 4 games above your registered grade you automatically become registered in the higher grade.
- Juniors can only play 2 junior games per week.
- Kids playing juniors and seniors can't play 2 senior games in the same week
- You can't play in two different teams in the same grade.
- To automatically qualify for finals you must play 4 games in that grade.
- A forfeit is considered a 0-20 loss you will also be penalized 2 premiership points. A $40 fine will given to your team if you don't notify by lunch time on the day of the game.