WBA entry level (U8's-U10's) participation has been dropping for the last few years. WBA are taking action to address this by implementing the Nationally Accredited Aussie Hoops Program. The fine detail is is still being nutted out but here is an overview of what we know now.
• Aussie Hoops is BA run nationally supported program.
• AH promises structured player & coach development with statistically proven performance outcomes.
• AH has accessible online resources for coordinators, coaches and parents.
• Other major codes are successfully running similar programs.
• To start with we are targeting 6-8 year olds.
• Children eligible for U10's but not ready for the rigors of full rules basketball may choose to enter AH instead of the U10 comp. All new players should consider this option.
• U8's that develop quickly to a level where they are ready to play "proper" BBAll may at any point register to play in U10's. HOWEVER they must understand that U10's is full rules!
• There will be 1 AH session per week. Less commitment required for busy parents.
• Each session will be 60mins, it is not a basketball game!
• Format is likely to be 40min structured training and an informal fun 15-20min game at the end of each session.
• AH program will be a officially WBA run. You do not register with a club.
• BUT the program won't work without club support. It's in the clubs best interest to help & be seen at these sessions.
• We also need and encourage parents to get involved.
• Importantly we have secured 2 coordinators to run the program.
• Its estimated the cost for families to participate in this program will be much less than half that of the current format.
• There will be no door entry fee.

Stay tuned for more more updates.