Parents/Care Providers

The WBA are excited to see the increased number of older primary school aged/young teenaged children attending the stadium on a Friday night. We see that as a vote of confidence in the environment we are trying to create within the stadium. Parents and care givers should be aware however, that we have noticed a increasing trend occurring with this group. They attend the stadium for a period of time then leave heading out onto the athletics oval or other parts of Jubilee Park for extended periods of time, returning when the last game is about to conclude to be collected and taken home. The WBA are concerned of this activity and wish to remind parents/care givers that our, the WBA's duty of care, does not extend to all parts of Jubilee Park. We will ensure your child is safe and have processes in place to ensure this within the stadium , however, once they choose to leave they have no supervision. A very concerning comment was heard last night coming from the mouth of an 11 year old child as to what they had been up to whilst absent from the stadium, he may have been trying to big note himself, however, it was concerning. We ask all Parents/Care Givers to consider this advice when making a determination as to whether they are comfortable in allowing their children to continue to attend the stadium unsupervised. Perhaps some spot checks, calling out to the stadium and checking on your child from time to time may make them more accountable to remain within the stadium, creating that environment of uncertainty as to when they maybe sprung being somewhere they aren’t suppose to be. An email with this post will be sent to all parents of junior registered players through sports TG to ensure we get to as many parents/care givers as possible.

On another note could be we also ask parents of younger children within the stadium too keep a closer eye on them. We have noticed them running around the edges of courts etc a lot lately and are concerned that there will be an injury to either someone trying hard to avoid a collision with them or to the young child themselves. We acknowledge that they are young and like their freedom but we want everyone to be safe and have an enjoyable experience within the stadium.

Thanks all.

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