As Covid restrictions ease the WBA is experimenting with plans to get basketball back on court. 2 options have been put forward for clubs to consider. Both start much earlier than normal but also deliberately finish earlier to miss the March long weekend and basketball State Country champs (which is always problematic to schedule around). Grand final day would be on Feb 27th 2021.
Option 1 – Covid 18,
A longer than normal 18 week season commencing as of August 24 2020 and pushing through until late February 2021. This option gets us the most games but would overlap and clash with the end the netball and football seasons.
Option 2 - Covid 15
Traditional 15 week season but kicking off 1 month early than normal in mid September 2020, finishing at the same time as Covid18, February 27th 2021. This plan has less of an impact on other major sports.
Make sure you let ypur club no your thoughts and stay tuned for more updates.
What do you call the disease caused by the novel coronavirus? Covid-19