The WBA Exec committee met tonight to split the deadlocked vote around the proposed Aug or Sep summer season starting datesas we exit out of covid restrictions.

Sep 14 Date, Has now been locked in as a start date:

  • This allows us to start early but with minimal impact on other dominant winter codes.
  • We can run a standard 15 week season which is the fairest with respect to scheduling, as this fits most grades evenly.
  • It gives clubs and members more upfront notice of the upcoming start and thus a chance to save some cash before Nominations are opened in a few weeks time.
  • It allows us some wiggle room with a number of opportunity’s to squeeze extra makeup games if required, in Oct and Dec.
  • It allows us to finish our season early avoiding the March long weekend.  Giving clubs a longer Summer - Winter season break.
  • It allows us to cleanly run our term 3 Aussie Hoops program hopefully starting in week 2 of term 3.  This will occur on Friday afternoons up until games start.

SA Country have agreed to effectively start the registration window for the 20/21 season now.  This means members won’t have to pay double SAC fees.  At this stage SAC and BA have agreed to freeze (or keep to just CPI) any proposed price increases.  NOTE:  This is yet to be ratified.

So Spread the word ASAP, Sep 14 Start date!!

We thank all clubs/members for their patience in this trying time.

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