As per SA Country guidelines if you are reported and subsequently suspended you may not enter any BA sanctioned venues for any basketball related reason, eg playing, training, coaching, spectating for the term of that ban. This ban is recognized Australia wide. For example this weekend for the Whyalla Junior carnival at the Rec centre as a BA sanctioned event is being held a suspended member may not attend any games there. They can however go for a swim at the pool as that is not basketball related.
This Clarification is significant as it different to the WBA's interpretation of this process in the past!!
The WBA have a local bylaw that states any player that receives 2 Technical fouls in a game automatically gets a one 1 match ban, our bylaws class this ban as a suspension thus the above guidelines are enforceable. This particular bylaw has been reviewed recently. All WBA Bylaws are freely available on the WBA website under admin.
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