Another awesome junior carnival on the weekend with some epic games. Many thanks to all our Sponsors

Well done to all but especially the:

U12 Girls Div1

U12G Div 1

U14G Girls


U16 Boy's


U18 Girls


Congratulations and well done to all that organised this event.

If you haven't already check out the Whyalla Steelers facebook page for a more detailed trail of events photo's and results
Go Steelers


A reminder to all Teams - As per FIBA rules Players are NOT allowed to play and score, if a player takes the score bench they CANNOT then take the court. The WBA do allow Coaches to score but that is technically not allowed either as scorers are defined as officials of the game. We allow it on the provision that coaches don't shout and carry on from the score bench. If this occurs officials should stop the game and ask the coach to either leave the score bench or sit down and be quiet. If the umpires can't police this the WBA will be forced to remove the privilege which may result in more forfeits.


In the last 3 years the WBA has spent over $120,000 to air condition our stadium. So although still hot we don't believe it is ever necessary to cancel games. Our hot weather Policy was modified so it is now governed by the "temp measured in the stadium(local indicator)" not the Advertised/TV weather, see 12.3
12.1. Between 38 and 42 degrees – WBA enforces 1 minute compulsory timeout each quarter for junior and senior games. Common sense to be applied.
12.2. Over 42 degrees – Junior games are to be “Abandoned”. WBA enforces 1 minute compulsory timeout each quarter for senior games. No financial penalty for teams that forfeit.
12.3. Temperature is determined from the Stadium temperature indicator by the games manager 30 minutes before the start of first scheduled round.

Summer hot

Saturday 11th and and Sunday 12th the WBA will hold its annual Junior carnival.  Teams from Pt Pirie, Pt Augusta, Roxby Downs, Broken Hill and Pt Lincoln will converge on Whyalla. 100 games will be played over 6 crts on Saturday from 8am till 10pm.  Finals will be at the Jubilee park stadium Sun starting at 8am also.

The schedule and results will be displayed on this website and auto updated all weekend.

Weather is forecast to be nasty but our stadiums new air-conditioning should keep patrons cool.  A new ventilation system in the newly renovated Rec center will hopefully relieve some of the stress for teams playing there.

A massive thank you to our major sponsor McDonald's and all those that have helped get this event off the ground this year.


Massive thank you to the many people that turned up to do there bit over the last 2 days at the WBA's annual Working Bee.
We smashed our jobs list again this year knocking off a number of big ticket items. Its continual efforts like these from our dedicated volunteers that keeps our facility (despite its age) as one of the best in the state and ultimately helps to keep our sport more affordable to everyone.

I'm exhausted and am now going to collapsse into bed.

working bee

The Whyalla basketball Association wish all its members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

xmas Santa Logo

Mike Gibson from basketball Sa will be in whyalla working with our umpiring community next weekend ... Mike will be assessing and working with our junior referees thursday and Friday night ... we will also be holding a referee coaching course on thursday from 7pm till 9pm in the upstairs office if anyone is interested please message me by Wednesday ... we are also holding 2 umpiring clinics on saturday 10th Dec from 9am till 11am and then again 12 pm till 2pm please ensure you all make an effort to attend at least one of these clinics.


Great to see so many properly filled in score sheets since I stuck example scoresheets to each score bench last week.
Tonight I plan to attach the below information to further assist those volunteers that help out at games as officials.

Sorere tips

This Summer Season will be a 15 round season!!!
Only 13 rd's have currently been publicised that is because Pat Kemp is on holidays till after xmas she will complete it when she returns.
Summer Season

Having older children now its been a while since I have ventured out to Saturday morning basketball.  With my youngest daughter, Georgia, now starting umpiring unfortunately I have lost my Saturday sleep in :(

I do love watching the U7 kids play:
Firstly they are so small small and cute it just makes me laugh.  But more importantly they all just love it.  Sure sometimes it looks more like a football match with kids going flying everywhere(the boys that is) but there is no malice involved like the older grades.  They are all just having a red hot go!!

The score board is turned off which is annoying but like it or not it keeps the game friendly and less emotive making the focus participation as it should be. The kids don't care

The parents are passive, again very unlike the Jekyll and Hyde's that you often see on Thursday and Friday nights.

And the highlight for most of the U7's and u9's is the halftime free throw shot.  What a great initiative that has been to give every single player the chance to get an open unopposed goal every week, it is gold for these kids.  No other associations that I am aware of do this, but in my opinion it should be adopted nationally at this level.  Thank you to ex 36er's coach Marty Clarke for giving us this suggestion.

And Finally, the after game high 5 walk thru, this is new to me and i love it.

See you all next week :)

Basketball kids Solo




For those members that usually play friday nights they may have noticed that rd 7 games Friday games are missing.  This is due to the Pt pirie junior Carnival next weekeend. Most families have to travel over after work Friday thus many teams will be minus players and there definately won't be any umpires as most of our refs play representative basketball.

The plan is for these missed games to played on a saturday night early next year, maybe the Saturday before school goes back.  The actual date is yet to be confirmed, stay tuned.

Port Pirie

Whyalla Basketball Players that have been selected for South Australia Country Basketball Development Teams in Albury and Melbourne in Jan 2017.

161105 State Group

Left to Right: Carla Payne, Georgia Hoffmann, Gabby Rodda, Jordan Lynch, Ashalea Perry, Jorja Eldridge, Hannah Neil, Lucy Cloe, Lachlan Phillips (reserve), Dillon Coathupe, Owen Raneberg, Shantae Barnes-Cowan (reserve), Absent: Torsten Birrell (reserve), Tia Bails, A.J Day.



After 12 months of state development training, selected boys and girls from around South Australia attended Murray Bridge at the weekend of November 5-6 for the final trials before team selection. 

Three teams of 10 players each (boys and girls) have been selected from this group of players.

Whyalla will have very strong representation with six girls and two boys being chosen to participate in the South Australian Country Development Teams in Albury, New South Wales, in January.

Dedication and commitment has seen these children travel to training camps all across South Australia and compete against the best for these positions.

Without a doubt, the commitment from the coaching staff in Whyalla has been incredible and with their continued support and direction the children have become some of the best in South Australia.

Best of luck to the boys and girls in their basketball journey. Athletes from all sports aspire to represent their city in higher competition and the young basketballers are no exception.

In this case, they have taken the honour a step farther by being chosen to perform for the South Australian country development teams.

Whyalla will be keen for the boys and girls to taste success and will always be proud of their contributions.

As well, the help extended to them by their parents and care-givers cannot be under-estimated

Not pictured are boys Dillon Coathupe and Lauchlan Phillips.


U14 group


All Players and coaches are reminded that as off this week rnd 5. All players must be in the correct uniform as registered to the WBA. Failure to do so results in 10 pt score penalty for each player that doesn't comply. This includes uniform number clashes.
The only exception to this is if a fill in player is used, say to prevent a forfeit. In this case the uniform must still be turned inside out however there is new score penalty.
Please don't abuse the games managers or refs that is the rules as agreed by all clubsUniforms Steelers