Clubs will be getting together this Sundayt to look at regrading some teams and splitting some grades into Divisions namely U11B's, U9G's, U13G's,WB, MC.

If you have an opinion on such matters make sure your club knows your position.

The goal of the WBA is to create a fair competition where all teams are competing in the appropraite grade.

umpire  It annoys me when people make this claim.  

The WBA's biggest annual cost is umpiring.  Despite this we still struggle all the time to get umpires.

Umpires are paid based on their grading but did you know even with no grading at all any adult senior referee is paid $10-12 a game.  True, this is not enough to retire on but on top of this, If you umpire at least one game on the night that you play you will be admitted FREE of charge!!

Under this system you effectively get played to play as well as earn enough money to admit a friend or partner. as well as pay for your player repistration fees.

Thus their is "$0" cost to play baasketball.  + If more players did just one game a night the burden on the few refs we do have would be greatly reduced 

The WBA is always looking for umpires both senior and Junior. To enquire about getting involved Contact Deb Milne on 0434786847.

NOTE:   There is a referee training camp planned for this weekend. Contact Kimbery Smmomds if you are interested in 04477769

Tonight the umpiring committee agreed to ask the WBA exec to adopt its recommendation that any player or coach that receives a double tech foul in a game will be ejected (as per the Rule book) as well as a mandatory reportable offense. Such reports will be handled administratively as they do in the AFL these days. A penalty will be imposed, the player has the option to accept or face the tribunal to plead their case. This action is in the wake of an exceptionally large number of tech fouls being called in the 1st few weeks of the competition. Players need to understand that this is not acceptable behaviour.

coach yelling at basketball player

After some confusion last season it was voted at a recent WBA meeting that 3 pointers do not count in U13’s.
U15’s and above all use the outer white 3 point line.
The reasoning is their is no value in this game style at this age. the WBA discourage juniors to shoot from “3pt land” unless they are strong enough to do so without adversely affecting their technique.

Winter Ring

Sometimes there are mistakes and the schedule is just wrong but often its just that the WBA is too nice:
- Multiple Coaches makes requests to accommodate their busy schedules (Wildcats president Greg Hayes is coaching 8 teams this season)
- Players playing in multiple teams make requests to not clash their matches (many players are playing 3 games a week this season).
- We allow teams that are inappropriately nominated to be regraded.
- We sometimes split grades to improve the competition.
- Sometimes teams just pull out of the competition.
- Rather than endure forfeits we allow teams to move games to prevent forfeits (i did this on Fri night, thank you to the other clubs that accommodated this).  
- To reduce late night games were we can we try to bring games forward to vacant time slots from notified forfeits.
- We often bend to accommodate other sports or events.

The WBA doesn't make these changes flippantly and we don't do it without notifying the club or teams involved.  And we try our hardest to not change any games a week before its scheduled to be played.

The morale of this story:  Check the schedule weekly online to avoid missing one of these changes.


tickI won't say that there wee no issues this week but all in all it went quite smoothly considering.
We have some stuff to work on eg some junior grades look like they may need some massaging.
We had some players play unregistered or below there registered grade. They may have some fines coming their way.
It was disappointing to see a number of senior and junior refs leave our ranks over the season break but it is great and refreshing to see some familiar faces back on crt helping out.
WBA is looking for new gate keepers and Games managers. These are paid positions if you are interested contact Pat Kemp or inbox us.


Jeff Spry was elected to the position of WBA President at the AGM last year. This position is for a 2 year term.jeff

I caught up with Jeff in the middle of this term to get to know him a little and to talk about what he sees as the biggest challenges facing Whyalla Basketball at the moment and how he measures the WBA’s success in meeting these challenges.  Jeff is a proud South Australian and claims to always support the South Australian team so you’ll never guess who he nominated as the “sports person he would most like to be, if he could be anyone”.


Another Men's A Grade team pulled out today leaving a hole in the Monday schedule that Pat has had to move around to fill.

Hopefully this will be our last change.

The new schedule has been released to the website.


5 days ago Pat Kemp published the 1st 3 weeks of the schedule to the website.  Since then there has been a few issues/complaints/recomendations with the schedule and just today a MA grade team has withdrawn.  Hence has been re released to the website today.  Hopefully we don't have too implement too many more changes.

Our biggest issue at this stage is we have lost alot of referee's in the last few months for many different reasons and we will be struggling to fill games. If you can help please let the WBA know.

Summer Season

1st Draft Schedule
Key points at this stage MAR/MB are combined.
WE and WF had too many teams so we have split them over 3 grades WE WF and WG.
Teams that registered WG have now become WH.
U11B comp to be reviewed and split as soon as possible.
Under 111GB moved to Saturday due to no space during the week.
U9G to be reviewed for a possible split mid season.
WA comp still up in the air as only 3 teams registered.



New floor, New roof, New air-conditioning, New Lights, New floor sealing. Life is good at the WBA

Crt 1 Resealed

Check out the Gallery tab for all the 2016 WBA GF team photo's.


Stadium floors are being resealed next week the stadium will be off limits to all users from Sunday 28th Aug to next Sunday the 4th sept.

The floors have been very slippery lately that is sign that they are due for their annual reseal.


It may still be Winter, but most Clubs are busy signing players for the up coming Summer season that is due to start in mid Oct.  That may be 8 weeks away but Team nominations are due in to the WBA in just 3 weeks.  Clubs need players to register ASAP so that they can start planning. 

Summer Season