Its Xmas time and we are getting alot of requests for moving games due to Presentation nights Xmas shows school camps, Family nights, Kids on Holidays.

Moving games under such circumstances is a political night mare for the WBA as it always seems to adversely effect someone else creating arguments. Our Current stance on this if you want to move a game, YOU need to contact your opposition, confirm they are happy to change, and negotiate with them a time that's suits and fits into a window in our schedule.

If they are happy we can move the game.

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Teams / Clubs are reminded that to notify of a forfeit to avoid a fine. Notification must be done via phone call or text message to WBA competition Organiser Pat Kemp prior to 1pm on the day of the game to give us a fair and reasonable chance to notify the opposition and the referees's. prior to the start of the night of play.
Pat's Mobile is 0415 976 821 or Home 8644 0554.
NOTE: Clubs are also complaining that they aren't being notified of forfeits ideally go thru your club to do this notification or at least cc them in to your text message if you choose to notify a forfeit directly.

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U16B Regrading:
Effective this week, Titans have been moved up to U16BA Bevan 2 Have been dropped to U16BB. Clubs have been notified schedule has been changed. All Teams will retain there current points and percentages.

U16G Regrading:
Bevan U16G team are way out of their depth and have been struggling. As of next week they have been regraded back to U14GB. This creates a bye in U16's allowing us to move the 1 x 9:35 game forward to an earlier time slot for the rest of the season. An extra game is created on Thursday which has effected MD games and some makeup games. All Wed and Thursday grades are asked to re check the Schedule.

U12B Regrading:
Lots of discussion and ideas from clubs on this. But ultimately at the moment it looks like we have clear 3 x Div A and 5 x Div B scenario. Which means we can't make a fair split. So unfortunately it was decided to play out full rnd and re assess at week 7, asking clubs to be mindful and respectful to thier opposition.

U10B Regrading:
This grade will Split into divisions for rnd 5 (this weekend).
Div A: W1, D2, R1, B1 and Titans. 
Schedule has been updated.

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Parents and spectators are reminded that they are not permitted to sit in the Team bench area.
There are white lines on the floor clearly defining this area. This is fine for crt 1 but impractical for courts 2 and 3 where there is restricted seating space. We do plan to mark a more practical team bench area for these crts. in the meantime we ask parents to try and sit clear of the the team bench area where possible.

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The Whyalla Basketball Association are meerting with 36ers management next week to discuss a proposal to bring the Adelaide 36ers to Whyalla for a preseason game in approximately September next year.

This has occured in the past when the 36ers played Melbourne Tigers in 2008, and Wollongong Hawks in 2009 and 2010 in Whyalla. On each occasion, these matches, and the surrounding events have been a huge success for the 36ers as well as a tremendous benefit to our local association.


After gaining offensive possession your team has 24 seconds to shoot the ball. Locally referees guess this as we don't run an official shot clock. This rule applies in all grades from under 12's up.
Note: If your team gets an offensive rebound the clock resets to 14 seconds for your second shot.
You don't get a fresh 24 seconds!!

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The Stadium has been under going a cosmetic upgrade in the off season. Some structural repairs and a fresh lick of paint and Court 1 looks like a whole a new venue. Stage 1 of the work will be completed this weekend meaning the stadium will be open for normal training as of Mon the 24th Sept. The plan is to hopefully finish crt 1 ready for our Junior carnival in Feb
Thanks to Tim carpentry, Rory Wilson Carpentry and Glen Davidson Painting.

crt 1 makeover

With less than 2 weeks to go before the Summer season starts the 1st tentative WBA fixture/schedule has been released to the internet / website.
It is 95% correct. Their is still some fine tuning to be done. At least it gives people an idea where and when games will be played.

If you haven't registered pull your finger out before you miss out!!

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This Summer season Sports TG have upgraded the tablets software to fix a number of the issues that we had last season.
- Most significantly,You can no longer add players courtside, unless they are a registered fill in player. If you are not registered you will not be permitted to play!!
- The complete player DB is now updated daily not just players for that day. So hopefully we will be able to access the registered players mentioned above.
- The timeouts button works properly now.
- The 1/4 by 1/4 foul count works properly now.
etc, etc

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Another season has come to an end. Exciting edge of your seat Grand finals kept the strong crowd on their toes Thursday and friday night.

I will post the GF photo's once I have collated them all.  I am curently missing the MD,WE,WG pics ohh and the Kids U12BB, U14BB, U14GB, U14BA, U16B

Below is a link to a PDF of the complete MVP data for this winter.

Winter 2018 MVP Votes

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You must play at least 4 games in any grade to qualify for finals.
The tablets know how many games you have played in any grade & will alert the the user of illegal players. The problem this season is that we never had the tablets for the 1st 4 rnds. So some legitimate qualified players may show as illegal. This may need to be explained to the Court Supervisor on the night.

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Thank you so very much to the bucket brigade tonight. A fair percentage of Eyre Peninsula ‘s top soil found a new home on our courts and made them almost unplayable. Ruth, Casey, Kay, Lenny, Paige, Ash and Jorjia to the rescue to get our competition off the ground for tonight.

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Due to the change over to Sports TG this season finals will be populated via points and % not head to head results.

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Week 12 our 12 week seasonis almost done. The finals tables are automatically populating as games are completed.
Many of the competitions are super closer.

Prime example is Men's A grade. Ttitans 1 beat top team Wildcats tonight, while not effecting the final ladder it gives them confidence heading into finals. T2 from PA forfeited gifting a finals birth to Demons if they could beat Roopena which they had done previously. Demons were up by 6pts early in the last quarter but tired and failed to hit a shot in the last 7 mins of the game. That meant cellar dweller Bevan have rocketed into 4th spot surprising everyone with some very late season form.


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