Friday night saw the completion of the Winter 2103 Basketball season.

This final series was unusual is it was compacted by the need for the WBA to be out of the stadium by Sat the 10th to the allow the setup of the Stadium for next weekends Whyalla Show.

Despite Junior finals on Thursday night and Senior finals on Friday night the Gate keeper, Canteen and Bar all registered reported positive numbers for the evenings games.

The large crowds weren't disappointed with some exciting games including  a few going into overtime.   The U17G in particular proved worthy of the right to the Show court for the final game of the night with a highly skilled game that almost went into double overtime.  Wildcats eventually Pipped Titans by just 2 point, backing up their minor premiership crown.

Friday a similar affair with strong well behaved crowds.

All 4 show court games went down to the wire.  Demons wining the WARes by just 4 points with only 4 fit players on the crt.  Titans took out the MARes in a come from behind upset, also by 4 points.  But the game was much tighter than that score line.


The Women's A title should have been a comfortable victory as they have been strong all season.  But Titans took it to Demons getting an early lead.  Demons thought back but it wasn't till the last 1 min that the game started to drift from Titans Grasp.  A missed 3 point attempt by Ebony Dare and a clutch defensive rebound by Jasmine Bridgman sealed the victory for Demons.  Reversing last season's WA result.


The MA game was also a ripper.  The Lead swung throughout the match with neither team gaining any ascendancy. Wildcats' clawed to a slender 1 point lead with seconds to go when Wildcats Grant Colyer missed a layup under pressure that he didn't need to take.  This gave Bevan a final chance to steal a win, Neil Higgins sent up a prayer from halfway but it fell short.  Gifting wildcats their 2nd title in a row.

Basketball goes into hibernation now until after the Oct school holidays.  Contact your club about your team nomination days for the Summer season.

Hive a nice break


1.         To qualify to play in a final, a player must have played (ticked “in play” on the score sheet) at least 4 minor round games for that team in that season.

2.         Senior players may play a “finals” series (if qualified) in only one (1) grade in any season.

3.         Junior players may play a “finals” series (if qualified) in two (2) Junior grades or divisions and one (1) Senior grade in any season. 

4.         An A reserve player may fill in an A Grade grand final without having qualified. As long as they comply with

5.         Juniors who have qualified to play final’s in “A Grade” or “A Reserve” are not permitted to play in Junior B division finals.

6.         The five (5) most accomplished A grade players are ineligible to play the “A Reserve” final series.

7.         “A Grade” players how have qualified to play “A reserve” may play in the Ares finals series as long as they comply with  2.

8.         In the event of sickness, injury or unavailability to a player/players the Qualifications Committee may grant permission for players from a lower grade or division to play in a final.  The request must be in writing and supported by documented evidence.  NOTE:   Players that have already played in a final series can not be used.

During finals no player can enter the court with out being in the correct uniform.  This includes fill in players( uniforms can't be turned inside out).

All clubs have been notified of this via the association months ago.  Please don't get angry at an official for enforcing this rule as they have been instructed to do so by the WBA.

This years Winter basketball finals have arrived a month early due to us trying to finish before the show society take over on Saturday the 10th.

The Finals games have been populated and attached in the right column of the home page.  The 1 v 4 and 2 v 3 format always comes under scrutiny but once a again we have been forced to use the structure due to time restraints.

Order correction was required in few grades due to the head to head system we use for deciding who finishes where on the premiership table.

Good luck to all teams that made the finals.



As approved by all clubs at last weeks WBA management meeting WB/WC have been split in to WB and WC.
The current comp has completed one full round so this is the perfect time for such a split.
There will be a bye for both grades round in the 1st week of the school holidays.

The new program is up on the internet now
Please ensure all your players are aware of this change.


As we approach the school holiday mid season break players coaches and clubs are reminded that this season we will be playing thru these holidays.  This is necessary due to the season having to be compressed to allow for our Winter season to finish before the Whyalla show.

The WBA understand that many people particularly Juniors go away in this period and there may be more forfeits than normal especially amongst our junior grades.  Thus the WBA have proposed to lift any forfeit penalties that would normally apply as long as at least 1 weeks notice is provided to allow games to be reshufled, umpires notified, other club notified, etc.

The Adelaide 36ers are coming to Whyalla next weekend to run a number of FREE Community Clinics.  All levels of ability are welcome to come and meet the players and participate in some skill development drills.  You don't have to be WBA member to attend so bring a friend if you like.

Joey Wright the 36ers new Coach will also be here in his first official outing as a 36er.

Saturday 29th June

Up to 14 year olds - 3.30pm to 4.30pm

15 years and up - 4.45pm to 5.45pm

5.45pm to 7.00pm Open forum discussion

Venue: Whyalla Basketball Stadium Jubilee Park Whyalla.

 Joey Wright (Coach), Mitch Creek, Dean Parker, ??????

I number of junior players have breached the WBA bylaws this season by playing 3 junior games a week.

It is important to remember that juniors can only play 2 junior games a week.  U15's and U17's can also play a senior game, to protect them from physical harm U15's need written permission to play seniors.


Juniors aren't permitted to play more than 2 divisions out of their age group.  For example an  U11 player can fill in in under U13's but they can't play under U15's .

This happened twice during this week.  These games results were made forfeits.




MP Master Program Week 7

The above linked attachment is the revised schedule for week 7 which shows all the currently washed out/rain effected games from rds 3,4,5 to be replayed on Sunday the 16/6.

2 Senior teams Women's D - T3 and Women's E - T1 have 2 games each to be replayed.  With consultation with Titans these games have been scheduled in with an agreed break between games.

At this stage due to lack of available resources we  haven’t rescheduled any of the U9 games as they don’t play for premiership points.

The WBA realizes it is not ideal to play games on the weekend but with such a full game schedule we don't have any other options.

Hopefully it doesn't rain on this Sunday!!

Shaun Clements - Ex Whyalla head coach, State coach and DNSP coach is leaving town this week to seek a brighter future in the big wide world .  On behalf of the WBA I would like to thank for Shaun for the many tireless years he has dedicated to Whyalla junior basketball.

He will be sorely missed by the Whyalla Basketball community.  His commitment to the sport over more than 30 years, but especially in the lst 6 years has been 2nd to non.

The large numbers of Whyalla kids that have recently made State selection are proof of the success of Shaun's program.

Although renowned for his firm strict coaching style Shaun really was a softy with the kids always being his first priority.

Shaun has certainly come along way since the old days when, as a long haired, smart mouth kid, that when sent for his regular disciplinary laps of the court during his u14 boys trainings he would jump on his push bike and "ride" around the courts.   Try doing that at one of his DNSP sessions!!!!

Good luck in the Future Clem

The WBA have finally released the full 14 week schedule. Due the 14 week structure very few teams play even rounds and there are no spare time slots to play make up gamers.  As in previous years if at the end of the season you believe you have been duped of a finals spot due to an unfair draw, clubs are invited to lodge a formal complaint to the Match committee to look at.

A proposed finals program has also been released but WILL change.  The GF's are currently scheduled to be played on Thurs and Friday due to Whyalla Show commitments.  People hate this idea and instead we are now campaigning the Whyalla Show society t0 allow us to have the stadium on Saturday.

We hope to know the answer in the next Month or so.


As highlighted in our recent spate of rainy weather, unfortunately the stadium roof still leaks.

The major concern is a significant leak on crt 3 adjacent the key at the canteen end.  Games were cancelled on Tuesday night on this crt and played under modified conditions on Thursday.

The WBA HATE to cancel games however safety is the driving factor here.  Water on basketball crt turns the surface into an ice skating rink and is very dangerous.

The WBA has failed in many attempts to fix this very bad leak .  Experts have told told us the overlapping of the sheets is being compromised by age (they are lifting, have debris buildup).  Next week Aceblock Roofing are once again offering their time and resources to try and overcome this problem for the short term.  However if this fails we will need to re-sheet the whole bay or get a scaffold in and remove all the insulation in that area to try and find the source of the leak.

A recent grant submission to replace our aging roof and gutters was unsuccessful.  We are trying for another grant in June.  Unfortunately unless we get support from an outside institution realistically we don't have the  funds to replace the whole roof.

So for the time being we will patch what we can to keep games being played. Sorry for the inconvenience, and most importantly Thanks again Aceblock.


The Adelaide 36ers had planned to visit Whyalla on the weekend of the 18th and 19th of May to hold a number of training camps as well as play in a scratch match with local some of our local talent.

They have unfortunately had to cancel due to player unavailability.

When a new date is announced we will be sure to keep you informed.

The master program has been rescheduled due to complaints about disparate scores in U11g's.  The 8 teams have now been split into Division A and Division B.  All previous U11G game results have been deleted and the season will restart as a 12 Week season.

This change affects other games scheduled for Thursday's so please recheck this if it affects you!!

The latest schedule is attached on the Right side of this sites homepage.