We forgot to pay the bill for our WBA Domain. Hence why the website and all our WBA emails haven't been working for the past few days.
Its all back on line now sorry for the inconvenience.
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-No names can be added to the score sheet of a game after half time. Eg if a player fouls out in the last quarter you can't grab some random fill in player that may be standing by.
-There is a misconception that if a player doesn't take the crt before half time they can not take part in the game. This is a very old rule and no longer applies. As long as your name is on the score sheet you can come into a game at anytime.


I have a couple MC teams complaining about early games on Tuesday nights, due to shift work commitments. They would like to swap their 5:45 or 6:40 games for later games, but many other teams are in the same boat so we can't do that without agreement from both parties. If your Tuesday night team would rather not play those 8:30 or 9:30 games let me know please.

shift work

The Umpiring committee are submitting a proposal to the management committee next weekend to give a 10%(approximate) pay rise to all refs. If approved this would be a nice surprise for the start of this season.
There are plans to increase the pay rate even further by voluntary participation in a Referees Champion program targeted at those driven to achieve official recognition for their efforts(accreditation levels). This program is still being developed at the moment.
The WBA is always looking for new refs. Clinics are ran frequently and refs are expected to attend. A beginners course is scheduled for next week before the start of Summer season. If you or someone you know is interested please inbox us for more details.


Money bag

Keith Lenon

jorjaGet to know one of Whyalla's young stars!

In January Jorja played in the Under 16 Girls Australian Country Junior Basketball Cup in Albury. From this tournament she was chosen in the ACJBC (Australian Country Junior Basketball Cup) team to play in a tournament in New Zealand over Easter. In July she represented SA Country in the Under 16 Girls National Championships in Perth.

After starting out as a little girl with Demons Under 9’s in 2011, Jorja has moved quickly through the ranks of Whyalla Basketball, winning MVP’s in Under 15’s and 17’s and playing in Whyalla’s A grade competition since she was 13.
A little while ago, Jorja must have realised she had some spare time, so, with the support of her family, she took up the opportunity to also play in Adelaide District competition each Friday evening where she has now played for Norwood for the past three seasons.

In September I asked Jorja to sit down in one spot for a minute or two so I could speak with her after what had so far been a pretty full on 2017, of travel and basketball.

After many hrs of arguing and moving teams back and forth the 1st month of of 2017/18 Summer season has finally been released.

After the 1st week or 2 of the season, once all teams are confirmed and settled we will publish the rest of the schedule in full.  Clubs have been told that we will not be changing the schedule at a drop of the hat after negative feedback about doing that last season.  Any necessary changes will only occur with direct to both all parties involved.

It is a very tight schedule which is good for the WBA as it means we are fully utilizing our facilities but it does make it hard to fit in all our teams.

We have listened to our members and avoided grades being split over different nights.  The only exception at this stage is U11B which we can't fit into Friday so that is spilling over to the occasional Saturday game. Not splitting nights of play does means teams on Tues & Wed are getting more 9:30games when there is a spare slot on Thurs at 8:30 but that is what people said they would prefer.  We will continue to review this situation.

There are unfortunately a few merged grades this season.  Under 9B's and U11B's will be monitored and reviewed at rd 5.  As will U17B's who for the 1st time in along time have 8 teams  which may allow us to split to Div A and B at mid season.

Please check the schedule hopefully we haven't missed anybody.

Good luck to all teams




All WBA club Coaches or interested paents are urgeed to attend this beginers coaching clinic!!

coaches clinic

Clubs are frantically trying to put teams together before this Thursdays Team Nomination meeting.

If you haven't registered yet get to it ASAP before you miss out.

Summer Season begins after the oct schools holidays and runs thru to the March Long weekend.

Use the WBA website to find details of Club contacts if required.

register now




Why does Basketball suffer from more forfeits than another sport (that I know). WBA played nearly 900 games this Winter season and had over 40 forfeits. That’s less than 5%, doesn’t sound so bad but that’s 500 players that missed out on playing a game that they paid fees to play!!

In that same period there was “2” forfeits at Netball and “1” forfeit at football.

Interestingly statistics for the last 6 season show Basketball forfeits are not directly related to the time of the game, a particular day, time of year or grade.  Stats do show that scheduling games in school holidays is stupid and we won’t be doing that again.

The WBA are proactively looking at ways to reduce forfeits and want your help.

Suggestions on the table:

  • Increase the number of games a fill in player from a lower grade can play from 4 to 6.
  • $10 fill in players – Allow an unregistered player to play up to 3 games. This player would not be eligible for finals unless paying their full fees. There are uniform and insurance issues that would need to be worked thru.
  • If a team forfiets 3 times in aseason they shall be withdrawn from the competition.
  • Reduce gate entry costs “This has been done already and has been well received”.
  • Increase the consequences of a penalty from 20 pt loss to a 40 pt loss.
  • Increase the forfeit penalty from 0 premiership pt’s to -1 for a forfeit. -2 for an Unnotified forfeit.
  • Don’t schedule 9:30pm games – Our stadium is full every night of the week (except weekends). To do this we would have to consciously restrict the number of senior team nominations. Eg Drop a social women’s grade on Tues and or wed. That won’t be popular and is not something we won’t to do!! NOTE: The WBA used to have an 11pm starting rd back in the 80’s. Our older members think todays players are very soft.

What do you think we could do to prevent forfeits?

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A few days ago there was a few requests to switch a couple of games due to potential finals cashes with players and Coaches. Due to their early lodgement these changes have been granted
U11/13B GF is now Friday at 5:45pm
U13BA GF is now Sat at 5:45pm
Clubs/Coaches please make your players aware of this change.

This year Basketball Australia(BA) is insisting all basketballers in the state sign up individually online via "The Basketball Network" and pay their affiliation levies separately, these are normally incorporated into your club Fees.
All clubs are managing this differently but for the most part players will invited to do this after first registering with your club.
There will by 2 options: One is FREE and the other will cost you per $34(junior) or $49(Senior). Unfortunately only members that played for the WBA in Winter get to tick the FREE box, as they have already paid their Affiliation fees.
Please note this is not a new fee or an increase in your overall fees over the year.
To add to the confusion BA defines anyone too old to play U12's an adult!!
When the time comes if you you have any questions or concerns ask club or inbox us:)


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Yesterday Pat Kemp (WBA Competition Organiser) switched 2 semi final games due to multiple player clashes. the corrected schedule is below and on the WBA website.

Schedule change

Final ladder positions have now been ratified.  The populated finals schedule is now updated.
There were a few teams tied on pts. So had to go to head to head results which resulted in changes to the Premiership table. U15 Boys was a classic D1 and D2 played each other 4 times for 1 win 1 loss and 2 draws a piece. After totalling pts for and against for these 4 matches just 3 pts separated the teams with D1 Jumping to 1st place to go straight to GF.
But the closest grade in the league was Women's with all 4 teams being up for contention right up to the final weeks of the Season. Massive Thank you to the Pt Augusta girls for making this grade a reality.
We mucked a lot of people around this season splitting and changing grades. I realise this was frustrating but looking at the final premiership tables we stand by these decisions with most of these manipulated grades being better off.
Not saying they weren’t perfect!! Someone always has to win ad and lose but being competitive is what makes sport fun. 

Thank you to all members for competing and Good luck to those that made finals.
Finals award 

Stadium closed
For those that haven't already worked it out. It is in the basketball Association lease that seven days before the show we are obliged to hand over the stadium to them.
That means that there will be no training till the Monday after the show.