As of Monday the 23rd the WBA will reduce its gate fee's for players to $3 for juniors & $5 for Seniors.

The WBA have listened to its membership and acknowledge the financial hardship currently being felt by the community.

With many major upgrade projects like new floors, air conditioning, new roof and LED lighting now complete the WBA believe we have the financial structure in place to maintain this significant cost reduction to its membership for the foreseeable future.

Please spread the good news!!

3 and 5

What a week from hell this has been with respect to scheduling forfeits and umpiring.
"21" forfeits in a week, that is insane and on the other foot really disappointing we have never seen anything like this before.
Suffice to say the WBA won't be scheduling in school holidays anymore!!



Recently there was confusion around finals timing due to the way our online calendar works.

This document has now been modified so it can show 2 different events on the same day and some incorrect carnival dates corrected.  The 2018 calendar has also been added for a long term look ahead. 

Click the below attachments for a look a ahead at whats to come!!

Calendar of Events 2017

Calendar of Events 2018


Last week at the Whyalla Steelers AGM Tamra Madigan(secretary) and Audrey Marks (Treasurer/Canteen manager) both stood down after many years in these roles. We didn't think it would be right to let them slip away without recognition for all the work they have done in the past.

Audrey Marks has been involved in Whyalla Steelers at committee level longer than any of our exiting players have been alive!! Noel Sharp tells me she started in 1997 when her children Aimee and Alan who got her involved in the Steelers program. However even when they stopped playing combined basketball in the early 2000's Audrey stayed on working diligently for the committee in numerous roles. For a while there Audrey with the aid of close friend Deb Clements almost single handedly administered the Steelers committee as well as manning the canteen on most nights. Audrey was recognized for her time and effort in 2012 when she was awarded with a well overdue life Membership to WBA.

Tamra came along some time after Audrey, led into the Steelers community via a similar process - thru her children Hayley and more recently Joshua. Again, like Audrey Tamra did her apprenticeship in the canteen as a volunteer and canteen manager slaving behind the chipper. She took on the role of Steelers secretary some 5 years ago, a position she has conscientiously managed since.Aud and Tamra

Neither of these ladies like their picture taken so to capture both at once is extremely rare. This picture was taken at our local Steelers carnival in 2016, an event that Audrey has proudly driven and etched firmly in to the state basketball calendar for 2 decades.

They will be sorely missed, especially once the rest of us realise what they actually did do :). Enjoy your rest.
We still have your phone numbers!!

An observant viewer noticed that the game times were messed up for Tues and Wed in the recently posted finals schedule (week 15). I have now corrected this allowing 1 hour time sots for all finals. I also moved U11/113B semi finals from Tuesday to vacant slots on Thursday to prevent 9pm games on Tues night.

basketball drills vectors

Winter FinalsSteelers coaching Add

The 1st draft winter finals schedule has been out for a month or so now. For the 1st time for many years the WBA have decided to play finals after the Whyalla Show to lengthen the Season for members.
However this means that our finals clash with the Annual Netball presentation night. To limit the impact on the WBA we scheduled as many female finals as possible to the Friday night and left predominately Male finals on Saturday night.
This is not ideal but with the amount of grades/teams playing this season this is the best we could do.
If you can foresee an issue with the existing schedule let your club know ASAP so they can address this with the WBA.

finals 2016

Junior Development training sessions are going to be held for all U9's & U11's (All clubs) as a development initiative, to both increase the skills of our younger players in WBA and to further develop new and experienced coaches.
Players from all clubs and ability levels are urged to attend.

Development Training




This year in the face of complaints around the length of the winter season the committee decided to play 1 week of games in the 2nd week of the school holidays, a plan fraught with forfeits.

Thus WBA will as it has done in the past reward any team that notifes early (24 hrs in advance) of an impending forfeit by giving them the standard 1 premiership pt for the loss. So coaches please talk to your players and notify early as possible, that will also give us the chance to move some klate night games forward.

I hate forfeits full stop but un-notified forfeits make my blood boil.....Please do the right thing and notify.

Winter Basketball

Local basketball talent Max Boothey is hoping to take the next step towards accomplishing his dream of playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Max has been invited to participate in eight basketball tournaments in the United States as part of a team put together by former National Basketball League (NBL) player Mark Davis.

He will also be given the opportunity to attend NBA games and participate in a training camp hosted by college basketball.

But the price is steep and Max hopes to win community support to make the trip and get closer to his dream.

He has put in some hard yards already in his pursuit of excellence.

“I have trained with Mark Davis, Butch Hays and Willie Simmons and since they have played in the NBL and NBA, they knew all of the advanced techniques,” he said.

Max is one of only two players to be chosen from Whyalla to compete in the US. Also attending are Dustin, Heidi and Katlyn Medwin

To donate, visit

As published by the Whyalla News

Max Boothy

This topic has been around since I can remember. Currently the WBA run a 2 x cut off date system that is season specific. This contradicts the rest of the country that use the single national cut odd date of 31 Dec. Many other Associations however only play the ones season.
There are pro's and cons for both systems.
Basketball Australia are currently in the process of "forcing" every affiliated Association to adopt a new online registration system. If the WBA comply then it would make sense to change to the same 31 dec cut off date as the rest of the country.
Clubs need to be aware of this as it will greatly affect everyone and will determine how local clubs and the WBA operate in the future.

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I have had numerous people approach me saying this is the worst season ever for changing games/ schedule mid season.
Firstly I agree with that and the WBA does apologize for this. However in our defense almost of these changes were planned and came from re grading decisions agreed to by "The clubs" back in round 4. The clubs are accountable for the competition and to be honest they got it wrong in many grades and we have been forced to clean up the competition.
The U9B and recent WD/WE WF was due to teams dropping out. Not the WBA's fault.
The WBA made a conscious decision to move some games mid season to eliminate 9:30pm rds on Mon and Wed. People whine endlessly about 9:30 games so to hear complaints that we are moving games around to reduce these late games is disappointing.
Clubs are notified of game changes a week before they occur and asked to notify necessary teams. Late minute changes less than 7 days e.g where we try to bring late games forward due to notified forfeits direct contact and agreement is attempted to be made with the teams themselves.
Again the WBA apologises for confusion caused by shifting games around but on the over foot we don't apologize for trying to make the competition the best it can be.

Dunk Basketball Wallpaper 1024x893

Whyalla Junior Combined Basketball AGM
When: 10th July, 7pm
Where: Basketball Stadium
Nominations to be sent to Tam Maddigan 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ph: 0421903457
Positions available:
- Vice President 
- Secretary 
- Treasurer 
- Canteen Manager
- General committee members

Reminder to all teams training at the stadium:

Stadium training is scheduled and booked thru clubs.  There are costs associated with training to run the lights to cleans the floors , reseal the floors(costs $6000 per year) it is not a free service.

It is the coaches responsibity to collect the training key for training.  It is kept at 42 Kloeden street, it hangs at the front door prior to allocated training times. If it is not there it usually mneans someone else has beaten you to it and the stadium is already open.

Once the stadium is open the training key is to be hung such that it is clearly visible to all users on the assigned hook in the stadium entrance on the left side of the foyer at the entrance to the ladies toilets.

The "last person" to leave the stadium is to turn all the lights and fans, etc off check the emergency exits are all shut then lock up the main entrance and return the training key to 42 Kloeden street.  This gets confusing on week nights as the stadium is never empty when we leave as people are coming in for games.  However it is still the training teams responsibility to return the training key.

There is a $50 fine for not returning the training key.

Power Key