The blood rule is a rule used in many sports that states that an athlete that receives an open wound, is bleeding, or who has blood on them or their clothes, must immediately leave the playing area to receive medical attention. 
In our sport this rarely occurs but when it does we are governed by State and national guidelines regarding procedures to make players and the playing arena safe. 
Simply washing out a bloodied shirt with water or wiping up blood off the crt does not remove the risk to others. 
There is blood kit upstairs in the office with Bleach etc for such instances.
The Blood rule purposefully overides our uniform policy rules to allow for soiled clothing including shoes to be replaced with any other suitable clothing, ie Uniform could be replaced with any t shirt, you can't where thongs as that is not suitable footwear. Teams are not expected to carry spare uniforms.

This policy can be annoying but it is there for a reason. Please don't take out your frustration on our refs, Court Supervisors or support staff its a rule we must abide by.

Blood Rule


After great success running the U14 Training and Development weekend we have opened registrations for the U13(born 2005) Training and Development Weekend.

Whilst this weekend is not compulsory it is a great opportunity for all current U13 athletes to train with some of the best coaches SA Country has to offer along with improve their skills prior to U14 Development Team Trials in October. 

Attendees at the training and development sessions do not have to have participated in the U13 Development Tournament or any SA Country run activities. This session is open to anyone keen to improve and learn more from Basketball.

The training price is $15.00 and this covers all three sessions over the weekend.

Whilst attendance at all three sessions is preferred we understand that this may not be possible with other sporting commitments. We just ask that individuals notify the SA Country office if they are unable to attend any of the sessions.

Details for the weekend including training times and the venue details are listed below.

Saturday Venue Sunday Venue
24th & 25th of June
U13 Training Weekend
12pm – 2pm (Boys)
2pm – 4pm (Girls)
4pm – 6pm (Boys)
6pm – 8pm (Girls)
The Rex - Barossa Aquatic & Fitness
75 Magnolia Road Tanunda
8am – 10am (Boys)
10am – 12pm (Girls)
 The Rex - Barossa Aquatic & Fitness
75 Magnolia Road Tanunda 


Again this is open to any Boy or Girl born in 2005. For any further enquires please contact Whyalla Head coach Jason Begelhole.


40 years ago, as the Whyalla Basketball Association prepared to open its new stadium at Jubilee Park, the Whyalla News published a number of articles, written by then President Keith Lenon. (An interview with Keith Lenon will appear on the WBA website soon). The articles covered the history of basketball in Whyalla to that time, the 3 year process of planning and building the stadium and the official opening ceremony. Below are extracts from those articles with some additional commentary to assist with perspective on what has been achieved.

Competitive basketball in Whyalla had a very modest beginning in late 1955, five men’s teams assembled at the old aerodrome (now on the western edge of the wetlands) and played under the control of a small committee headed by Mr Bob Swanson, the virtual founder of basketball in Whyalla. The population of Whyalla at the time was around 13,700 people when the Whyalla Town Commission’s Chairman, Mr C Ryan tossed the ball to start the first match with about 300 people attending.

Local sportsman John Rumball and Parker Dix were among the locals to play their first games of basketball that night and they both went on to have long distinguished basketball careers in Whyalla and were key players in many Whyalla representative teams that would play against other teams from around the state.

Over the next couple of years a women’s grade and a junior boys (under 17’s) were added taking the number of registered teams to 13 but by 1963 this number had risen to 24 teams leading to the decision to move from the one court facility at the old aerodrome to a venue on McBryde Tce, which had previously belonged to the Whyalla Women’s Basketball (now known as Netball) Association. (In those days what we now know as basketball was then known as International Rules Basketball).

Through the mid to late 1960’s basketball in Whyalla continued to grow, requiring the development of a third court on McBryde Tce and by 1971, with Whyalla’s population climbing to nearly 27,000 people the Whyalla International Rules Basketball Association included 98 teams across 14 grades.

Although now strong in numbers, the association was still very poor financially, being no closer to being able to finance a stadium than it had been 6 years earlier when it had only 24 teams.

At the AGM in 1970 Allan Castle was elected President of the Whyalla International Rules Basketball Association and with the strong committee under his stewardship within four years the association had raised enough money that the prospect of building our own stadium was a reality.

In 1974 a subcommittee headed by Barry Waddingham was set up to begin the ground work leading to the construction of the stadium. This sub-committee included local Lawyer, now Supreme Court Judge Wayne Chivell, Kym Marston, Val Robson, John Spooner and Mike Osborne.

In 1976, the Whyalla Recreation and Leisure Centre was opened allowing Whyalla basketballers to begin playing indoors, but the Association was still working towards a home to call its own.

By June 1977, with the help of a loan from the Whyalla City Council and a generous grant from the BHP Community Development Committee, the Whyalla Basketball Association had its new home at Jubilee Park with one indoor and 2 outdoor courts. Officially opened on June 18 1977, this would not have been possible without huge efforts and hours of voluntary work by people like Barry Waddingham, John Kirby, Jack Woodforde, Bruce Dunn, Parker Dix, Keith Lenon, Ray Girvan and Gunter Scheide. Sincere apologies to anyone we’ve missed.

By the early 1980’s, with Whyalla’s population around 31,000, the association now included 145 teams and the stadium had been expanded to now bring the two outdoor court indoors and giving Whyalla one of the best basketball stadiums in any regional centre in Australia.

Enjoy it. Take care of it. Be proud of it.


The stadium (1 indoor court plus 2 outdoor courts) as it looked when it was opened in 1977.

As of 2017, Whyalla population has reduced from its 1980’s numbers by nearly 30%, but the WBA has actually grown to include over 180 registered teams making it what we believe is the largest participation sport in town.

A trial copy of the schedule was accidentally published a few days ago 
This has now been corrected. Changes were mostly around the last 4-5 weeks of the schedule but there are a couple noticeably in rd 7 and 8 that teams need to be notified of. Please check on the website if you notice a change tell your team mates.
Saturday games, rd 7:
We have had WA, T V D request a change to another day due to lack of numbers. That game has been removed from the schedule until an agreed time can be formalized.
This has allowed us to remove a late rd, by bringing a MAR game forward. I had planned to start earlier than normal to avoid a late finish But now with the last rd gone I would like to push the start time back to normal times. Eg 5:45 first game start. That would give families and players an extra 35mins between Netball and football commitments. 
Is that a good idea??

Backboard on the western end of Crt 2 is fixed.

welding backboard


What a nightmare!!!  Trying to juggle all club requests around coaches and players while missing netball, football training, dance,etc, while trying to reduce or be as fair as possible with the 9:30pm game allocations, This is a very challenging process, no wonder Pats fair went white 40 years ago.

She has 1-2 more weeks to schedule to complete the 14 week program but this revision had to go out now as there had to be many changes made to round 6, people need to know this now.

There are changes to the existing schedule for many grades so all clubs and coaches are urged to check this new schedule. There are still some people concerned about some senior Grades eg WC and Juniors U9G's so we can't promise that their won't be more changes but we can promise to keep all involved informed.



After feedback from my Facebook post from many concerned coaches and parents, combined with the results from Friday nights games to me it has become apparent that we can not implement some of our proposed changes immediately.

For example:
In U11B's and U13B's
It is too early to draw a line in the sand to split these grades. They need to play a full round so we can make a proper assessment. Thus any changes will be revisited at the completion of round 7.
Will stay as is for now. Grading matches may be held on a Wed at 5:45 to determine if teams are in the right
grade. Affected clubs will be notified.
U17 Girls
Wildcats 2 has been removed and games moved forward to remove a 9:30 rd game. Thus Monday nights schedule has been significantly modified.
Round Robin plan stands! So that every child gets to play every week. As Promised: Ruth Rowlands to implement some rules/guidelines and structure to this process to assist games managers and referees so things run smoothly on the day.
Most importantly all U7G's players need to be at crt 1, wed 5:45pm.


Due to this review significant master Schedule changes made to:
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.
Please notify coaches to check the schedule on the website and alert their players of any changes.


As mentioned last season the WBA will be introducing a Sin Bin for our winter competition as of round 4.sin bin calm

The concept has come from advice from Adelaide which in turn has been handed down from the Eastern States.

It works similar to Rugby. "A player or Coach who receives their 1st Technical foul must immediately leave the court and is required to sit on the end of their team bench away from their teammates. Offenders may not re-enter the game for a period of 5 playing minutes". A second technical foul is an automatic ejection as per FIBA rules. However now this will also result in an automatic 1 week suspension.

More detailed information on this policy will be released in the coming days.

To Be implemented on the 22/5/17.

Sin Bin

play by the rules


As part of the WBA's ongoing support for child protection/safety the WBA insist all junior coaches have a current police check and have completed at least the Online "Child Protection" module from the Play by rules website.

Proof of completion is required to be held by your club.  Junior Coaches that have done the right thing are admitted into the stadium for free (via signature at the entrance).

Please don't argue with our gate keepers about this.  If you have an issue contact the WBA or your club. 

Clubs that don't follow these State guidelines leave them self at great risk!!

New interpretation of what is in play and what is not in play is being rolled out locally.
Apparently the square frame the glass backboard is glued to is now deemed as part of the court. The umpires are only to call an out of bounds violation if the ball hits any of the other supporting structure eg the horizontal and vertical supports.

Despite a few new umpires coming out this season which is great the WBA is struggling to fill its roster Particularly for Senior games on Mon and Tues nights.  The umpire committee continue their great work educating new umpires but it never seemsto cover the amount of referees we have leaving the game.  One that iI would officailly like to recognise is Brian (Hog) Stringer (not Pictured).  Brian has done 3 games in a row on Tuesday nights for as long as I can remember. Hog has recently moved to Kadina we wish him all the best.

If you can help even out by umpiring even its just doing 1 game before or after your game if you are a player please let us know.

umpires decision



Don't miss out!! Contact your club to Register and pay NOW

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Presidential Interview

1978 Annette Kirby Alan Castle trimmed

WBA Life Member Allan Castle moved from Pt. Augusta to Whyalla in 1969 and immediately became involved in the management committee of the Whyalla Basketball Association. He  was made a life member of the WBA in 1983 after 10 years of service to the Whyalla Basketball Association , most of which was served as president.  Through this period Whyalla Basketball was growing rapidly having recently moved from a one court facility and the old aerodrome to 3 courts on McBryde Terrace.

As President Allan oversaw the introduction of junior basketball in Whyalla and began the push towards the development of an indoor stadium.  I decided to record this interview ( with my father) to capture his memories of those early days in Whyalla basketball.  As you will see in the interview Allan’s recollection of some of this history did cause some conflict as he can only recall one “comeback” as President, but I have a number of other WBA life members who confirm my memories of a second occasion when he returned to the role when no-one else could be found to fill the role.


Demons withdrew a WD team yesterday leaving no comp in that Grade we have merged WD and WE into WD/E

This is a 10 ten comp still played on Tues.

Schedule has been updated to the website


On Monday PA asked to submit a men’s team to our MA competition this would be graet as it removes the bye. However it adds another senior game to the already full Monday schedule. We have informed  them if they do play their games will have to be 8:30 or 9:30 timeslots (not really suitable for travelling).  They are getting back to us hopefully by tomorrow.