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Development program for kids under 10


1st 3 weeks of the Winter 2024 schedule has been published and is available on the Basketball connect phone app.
It is a 1st draft and subject to slight changes due to clashes etc.
Sorry for the delay in getting this out, it has been a nightmare schedule to manage this season🤯

There has been some last changes to this table with respect to night of play. NO further changes will be made, the WBA has attempted to work around as much as we can.
Final changes are, two games of Under 16 boys B, will be played on Friday night, one game of this grade will be played on ...Tuesday night.
Womens E grade moves to Tuesday night NOT Friday night.
The below table is just a repost of the original one without the above changes made to it.

Our Aussie Hoops junior development program for 5-9 year olds
has switched to the phone based Basketball Connect system for School Term 2. It will be - Monday nights 4-4:50pm
Follow this link to a registration guide!Ag5ZdZTqfb6ggYoatGQmz_AK0QMjrQ?e=uZp3JI

Attached is the "1st Draft" of the Winter nominations showing teams per grade and proposed night of play. The schedule is completely full and has been a real challenge to coordinate around other sports. This plan is still subject to change, please alert your club if the proposed night of... play is going to be a drama for you or your team.
Games will be hourly 6,7,8,9pm. Junior games we be played in the first 2 rnds, the 2 late rounds will be for the Senior grades.

The registration process for Aussie Hoops has changed for term 2. This has been forced on us, we are working thru(learning) this new process ourselves. Once we work it out we will release a registration guide.
Aussie Hoops will be ran on Monday afternoon's for term 2.
Cost will again just $3 a session.