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For those that are not aware, Lenny Payne, our Treasurer up until our recent AGM passed away yesterday after a long and courageous battle against cancer. We are enormously indebted to Lenny for all that he has done on behalf of our association. Lenny bought his children, Carla and Marlee into our ...Association initially playing for Demons before crossing to Roopena where both girls still play. He was an active member for Roos in recent years, fiercely passionate following his girls Basketball journey.

Both Carla and Marlee now are part of our umpire fraternity and Lenny’s wife Maxie takes care of our gatekeepers each night with readying the money bag and banking daily. The Payne’s have and continue to be an important family to our Association.

As a member of our executive he was able to put aside his club allegiances to be a strong voice in decisions needing to be made for the betterment of the association as a whole.

Lenny will be sorely missed out at the stadium, his voice and infectious laugh will long be remembered reverberating around the courts.

To Maxie, Zandri, Carla, Marlee and Lenny’s extended family and friends both here in Australia and in his native South Africa please accept our condolences on behalf of all
Members of the Whyalla Basketball Association.

No doubt everyone is aware that the COVID-19 situation in SA is rapidly evolving and the State has been placed into lockdown for 7 days at this stage. When we get a clearer picture later in the week the exec will arrange a phone linkup to plan a way forward for the remainder of the season.

... There are a number of contingencies that will need to be considered. We will ensure that all comps are even in terms of games played etc, it will certainly be forefront of our planning to play out the outstanding games before we head to a final week. Exactly how and when that happens is where the challenge will lay in terms of fitting around other sports finals also.

Stay tuned and we will keep you updated. Mostly importantly at this time however, is stay safe and look out for each other.

As we are aware Covid-19 continues to be a part of our lives. As of midnight tonight we have to pause our weeks schedule, tonight’s games will proceed as per roster. We have a week spare before the show takes over the stadium, as such at this stage we will push things back if possible. Stay tuned... and we will let you know how things progress. Vitally important that everyone entering the stadium signs in!

Can you help:
History - Attached is a draft attempt at collating the WBA committee member history. If you can see any names we have wrong or are missing please let us know. The last 20 years or so were easy to do as we had computer records for most things but prior to that it gets a lot ...harder. Thanks to those that have helped so far.

Aussie Hoops will be taking a break in term 3. Traditionally WBA doesn't play thru term 3 due to the Whyalla show in Mid August and then clashes with other winter sport finals. The break will give organiser Kylie a well earned rest so she can recharge her batteries for term 4 🙂

The use of QR code check in must be completed upon entry into the Stadium. This will be monitored to ensure compliance. We all have a role to play in keeping this State as open as possible, please don’t be part of the reason why we can’t continue our season.