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Last Wednesday night the 2022 Whyalla Basketball Association was held at the Pat Kemp Stadium. It was very pleasing to see the number of members out there, having a keen interest in the running of association. Two positions were declared vacant, that being President and Secretary. Jeff Spry was ...returned to the role of President and Tracey French was voted into the executive in the role of Secretary. The President report was tabled and will follow below. The WBA executive committee are keenly looking forward to the return of basketball in Whyalla for the 2022-23 Summer Season, please keep your eye on this page for dates in relation to registration etc.

Please accept the following as the 2022 Whyalla Basketball Association Presidents report.
Throughout 2021 and into 2022 the terms that we have all grown accustomed to, Covid, quarantine, close contact etc have continued to plague our program. Whyalla Basketball was, unfortunately, uniquely placed to be hit hard by the ever-changing requirements. Conversations were held with leaders within the Covid Transition Committee and leaders within SA Health in an attempt to plot a way forward for us. Due to the heavy reliance on industries within our city and the nature of those industries with the economic importance to the State and Country, SA Health agreed that the one size fits all pandemic clause did not really fit within our town. It was accepted and allowed for Industries such as GFG, SIMEC Mining and SANTOS to apply their own definitions to things such as close contacts, the results meant it became untenable for a large majority of our members who had to rightly place employment before sport. The flow on effect saw us having to cancel rounds through Summer 2021-22 based on both health protocols and for the integrity of our competition. It was disappointing personally and from our executive group, that the feedback we received for this decision from a small section of our membership base. It is our wish to promote basketball in the best possible light when safe to do so. We have again lost a full season to the Covid pandemic but looking forward, I am hopeful that these issues are well and truly behind us now and we can return to normal.
Through the past year we lost some important members of our association Lenny Payne passed away in July, Lyn Schroeder in September and in May Ken Benford. It is always devastating to lose members of our association and we again honour their memory tonight.
Hoffy has kept our history alive through the posting of numerous photos from years gone past. The comments attached to them clearly show that a number of our former members still have a connection with us which is pleasing to see.
Shortly Mel will present our financial reports for 2021-22, pleasingly they are in a very health state despite the missing of seasons. I thank Mel for her tireless efforts throughout the year taking over form Lenny. Unfortunately Mel took over without having the benefit of a detailed handover and had to start her tenure from scratch.
Caroline Foran ends her appointment as WBA secretary, I thank Caro for all the support she has provided throughout the past seven years, there has been countless phone calls, text messages and discussion held about the betterment of our association. Caro has served on several committees throughout her time with Whyalla Basketball, tonight sees an end to those commitments where she can now sit back and watch her children play.
To our junior committee, another successful year in again trying circumstances. Jenna Edwards has recently ended her role as President of that committee, her tireless efforts did not go unnoticed and her commitment to Junior development of our Whyalla athletes is so very well known. Thanks to Jenna for all your work, David Miller takes over as the new Junior President and we look forward to work closely with the committee going forward.
There are so many people that go into making an association run well. I may well be biased but I think we have it ticking along nicely. To Sean Sheedy for his devotion to the Steelers program and kids involved in it. The amount of work that he puts into the program to ensure it is valuable is astounding. Perhaps the best acknowledgement of his work is that other associations are now copying his program for their own groups.
Jo and Fiona, for their work in the canteen, nightly daily when School carnivals are on etc. Thank you for all that you do. To Maxie and our gatekeepers and to Deb for your daily work in keeping pour umpire roster alive, thank you all so very much.
Phil and Hoffy for keeping the stadium up and in good order, you guys are always tinkering with something out here and our stadium is all the better for it.
To Pat, I know your health has been up and down, but as always, we are thankful to have you still engaged in our/your association, another year of your stewardship.
To the committee, I know discussions get robust at times but it is all for the good. I think we have all benefited from the break and hopefully everyone comes back fully refreshed.
To our sponsors, thank you for your support, without you guys we struggle to be able to better our facilities or our program, we are very fortunate to have the support of so many in what is tough economic times.
Finally, to the executive committee, Scott, Mel, Hoffy and Caro. Thank you for all your work, to the discussions held, difficult decisions reached and behind the scenes stuff that no one sees but has to be done. We have been a committed team and with the will of the members I look forward to continuing on.

Reminder of the Whyalla Basketball Association AGM, 7.30pm at the stadium this Wednesday 29th of June.

By Popular demand Aussie Hoops will return for term 3!
Once again this introductory development program for kids 5-9 y.o. will be coordinated by Kylie Clothier. It will be run on Friday nights at the stadium 4:30-5:30pm to avoid weekend winter sports. Registrations for the term 3 ..."Program" are now open via this link:
It takes 15-20 days to receive the new starter participation pack so please don't leave this to the last minute.
NOTE: School sports vouchers can be redeemed thru the WBA, for more information on this please send us a DM before registering.

Have you checked out the Whyalla Steelers Face Book page?.
Newly elected Steelers President David Miller and his team have been very active over the last few months with lots of great content. Their Steelers Academy kicked off tonight at the stadium with strong numbers. Great to see eager ...players back in the stadium.
For those of you that haven't heard of the Steelers they are the Representative arm of the WBA, predominately working with our juniors from Under 10's to U18's providing development programs and pathways to allow athletes to realise their full potential.

Whyalla Basketball Association will hold their AGM at the Pat Kemp Stadium on Wednesday 29 June at 7.30pm.

Office Bearers position to be set for reappointment are that of President and Secretary. All members are welcome to attend. See you out there.