2023 – 2024 WBA

2023-2024 WBA Summer Finalists


Due to repair work being conducted on Court 1 ring in the afternoon of this Saturday, July 6th, court 1 will be closed to all users from 5.00pm until the work is completed, expected to be around 5.00pm on Sunday 7 July.

There are 5 notified forfeits tonight!
Please check your phones to ensure this doesn't affect you

Notified forfeit tomorrow at 7pm
We want to bring one of these 9pm games forward.
Please let me know if your team can change.
1st in wins the prize

Amazing turn out at the WBA AGM last night. 62 people in total attended. Tracey French was returned un-challenged to role of Secretary and Jeff Spry was returned un-challanged to the position of President.
A massive endorsement of our executive team who are working so hard for our members, and... will continue to do so.

Who can and can't vote?
With the WBA AGM tonight lots of questions have been raised over this issue. Hopefully the below information straight from the WBA constitution and these clarifications will help:
- You have to be over the age of 18 to vote.
- Non playing members are ...coaches, referee's, committee members or volunteers that have registered to the WBA in Basketball connect.
- If you are a player and have 5 young kids that play you still only get one vote.
- "Life member" refer's to WBA life Members only.
- The term "signatory" is interesting as no one technically signs any registration forms these days. But we do electronically agree to terms on conditions which I believe is the same thing, but that will have to be discussed and agreed on tonight.