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An overview of the WBA


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Development program for kids under 10


Late registering players are reminded that you can't just sign up and play!
Under new bylaws all late registrations must be vetted by the other clubs before taking the crt to stop stacking of teams after team nominations. Also you can not be added to a game tablet until a club ...administrator(not the WBA) have added you to a team in Basketball Connect.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful mums who play, coach, referee, support, be the taxi and biggest cheer squad. Being a Mum is one of the most if not the most important titles to have with everything that is attached to it.
On behalf of the Whyalla Basketball Association enjoy your day,... we appreciate each and everyone of you.

In winter we have a number of challengers to our schedule. For example Sapsasa, School camps, Murray Venture, football randomly on Thursday nights affecting some teams but not others. We can work with teams affected IF clubs and teams work with us, namely alert as early as possible.
The WBA ...has Bylaws around rescheduling games:

Thank you for your patience in the 1st week of returning to the Teampay Match day payment model. There were a number of minor issues and will continue to be as people learn the new system! We did an audit over the weekend and were able to fix / claim most of the issue payments we did have.
One... common issue was over payment, players paying twice for the same game. That can be refunded to you on the night if you wish via consultation with the Court supervisor OR we can negotiate to carry over that payment and play free in the next rnd if that is easier for you.
Another issue was people paid but then never turned up to play. This can often be avoided by not paying too early for your match.

It’s been bought to my attention that we have almost missed a very special birthday for a very special lady. Happy 70th birthday to our very own Jo Murphy. True to form she worked in the canteen tonight. If you haven’t wished her a very happy birthday please catch up with her, Happy Birthday ...from all Whyalla Basketball Association members.

Winter season is under way. Here are Some tips to a Smooth start:
- Don't register at the last minute and expect to play. Before you can be added to the game tablet your club administrator must be notified and add you to a team. Don't leave this to the last minute!
- You will ...need a Teampay account setup and ready to go to allow game payments this season. If you haven't got your Teampay team code yet please contact your coach or club.
- Clubs have until rnd 5 to be in corect uniform. If you new uniform is yet to arrive wear something that is your team color or something that won't clash with the opposition.